What To Do When A Client Is Not Paying You?

Late payment is an issue faced by businesses and freelancers alike.

As freelancers or businesses, we have all been in a situation where a client is not paying us. Maybe it did not happen to you (lucky for you) but trust me when I say that many people face this issue. Until recently, I did not face this issue. Therefore, whenever people brought up payment issues, I could not understand their perspective.

However, a few months ago, I found myself in the same situation.

My Experience As A Freelancer

I completed work for a client amount to $200 USD. The work was related to freelance writing. As per the contract, the client had to pay me $50 in advance, which he did. The remaining amount was to be paid after the work was delivered and approved by the client.

The contract stipulated that the client would take a maximum of 3 days to assess and complete the work. If the client did not communicate any changes in 3 days, the work is to be considered approved. Anyways, 3 days passed. There was no feedback from the client. Now, I decided to wait for the payment.

2 days passed, there was still no payment. I contacted the client to ask for the payment. But there was no response. Naturally, I started to fear that the client had defrauded me. Surprisingly, on the 4th day, the client contacted me himself. He said that he had been held up in an emergency and did not find the time to send the money. I was relieved. The client paid me the full remaining amount and $20 extra for paying late.

This shows that we should understand that sometimes payments do get delayed. Although a contract must be honoured, sometimes, unforeseeable circumstances arise which are beyond one’s control. In such cases, instead of acting out, one must remain composed. That is what I learnt from my experience and encourage other freelancers & businesses to do as well.

Apart from this, let’s see what to do when a client refuses to pay you.

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