Where Are Our Social Media Stars – Surely Not Working For Kashmir Cause

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Sham Idrees and Froggy recently announced that they are becoming parents. Congratulations! On the part of the whole Pakistani public, we wish the future parents a warm and lively CONGRATS! Parenthood is, no doubt a unique experience. While we have nothing but the best wishes for the couple, the couple/social media stars seem to be forgetting something very dear to the people of Pakistan – Kashmir.

Social Media Stars Ignore the Kashmir Cause?

Ever since the Kashmir dispute has arisen, only a handful of the social media ‘stars’ have shared their opinions. The lack of response can be attributed to various reasons. One reason is that ‘our’ social media stars simply do not have the time to create a vlog on this issue. Another reason is that they simply have other important ideas to make their vlogs on. Or maybe it is something more sinister. But more on this later. Let’s talk about something else first.

There is no doubt that India is a major market for every type of industry. The social media giants are no exception. The number of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube users in India are much greater than the users in Pakistan (including the accounts such as Papa Ki Princess, Handsome Raja and others). Therefore, we have frequently seen the Indian government using their influence to take down accounts that tend to speak the truth. No social media giant wants to upset their standing in such a huge and crucial market.

India Pressurizes Social Media Platforms

A Pakistani journalist’s Twitter account was briefly suspended when he replied to Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s tweet. Only after deleting his tweet, was the account restored. All this may be a technical error (not really) but a tweet from the Joint Secretary at the Parliament of India reveals otherwise. The officer accepted that the Indian government uses its powers to force social media giants like Twitter to suspend accounts that it deems contrary to its interests.

Below is the picture of Mr Mittal’s tweet. The tweet can still be seen by accessing his account at

Indian Govt. admits to blocking Pakistani social media accounts.

It shows that the Indian government pressurizes social media giants like Twitter to supress the truth. There is no surprise. If you are surprised, then you have been living in a fool’s paradise for your entire life. Unfortunately, the surprising thing is that none of our social media ‘stars’ like Zaid Ali, Shahveer Jaffery, Sham Idrees, Adam Saleh, Danish, Rahim Pardesi, Karim Metwaly, Waqar Malik, Ducky Bhai, & Co have said anything about the Kashmir issue.

The reason for their silence is not the lack of content or ideas but simply their greed and fear. Deep down, they fear that any vlog which aims to discuss this issue might lead to their social media accounts/channels getting suspended. They fear to lose their subscribers and followers. Unfortunately, this highlights that for some money and fame is more important!

Pakistani Social Media stars refuse to say anything about the Kashmir crisis.

If we have any hint of sympathy left for our Kashmiri people, let us at least ask these social media stars which we have made famous to set aside personal gains and think of Kashmiri’s first! If you cannot do this, at least stop watching the shit that they feed you every other day!

Final Thoughts

Oh and while we are sincerely happy for you, take out some time and think about the countless Kashmiri children who will never see their fathers again and the countless Kashmiri women who are widowed or their husbands are held in captivity by the Indian forces! There exists a world outside social media, and we will be glad if our social media starts take notice of it too!


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