Why A Responsive Web Design is a Must

The huge rise in the usage of smartphones has changed a lot of things on the web. These devices overtook desktop as the primary way to access the internet because of their mobility and ease of use. Responsive web design also saw great popularity because of smartphones. A responsive web design adopts the size of any display and automatically scales its content and elements according to the display size.  The responsive web design is now a necessity for quality websites if they intend to reach a wide variety of visitors.

Majority of internet surfers would like to see responsive website to view anything instead of scrolling horizontally to see the content of a website. A fully responsive website is the key to survive in highly competitive search engines ranking. For instance, Google would show top 10 responsive websites as search result on it’s first page. If you haven’t made your website responsive, you urgently need to hire the services of a responsive website designer to make it a responsive website.

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In this article we would enlighten the reasons why a responsive web design is a must; these reasons are listed below:


If you are thinking about maintaining two separate sites for mobile and non- mobile devices, it is a very expensive solution. This would also affect the speed of your website as people using mobile devices to access your website. It would be redirected to the separate site for mobile devices which would take time. Also, who knows some of your visitors abandon your website in the meantime.

You need to have a responsive web design for your website to entertain all type of viewers accessing your website from any type of devices at one place. In this way, you would save the charges by eliminating the need of a separate mobile site. In this way, you would have a cost-effective web presence which would address all type of devices simultaneously.

Easily Editable:

Having two separate versions of a single website for different viewership is really difficult to manage in addition to being costly. If you have a responsive website with responsive web design you can make any edition or modification to your website content easily. There is no need to worry about the difficulty of managing and modifying two separate versions of a single website.

In addition to being a difficult practice, modifying two separate versions of a single website is a very time-consuming task. Having a responsive website provides you the ease of flexibility. This flexibility is a huge advantage for you because in case of any typo or mistake. You just have to fix it on one website instead of making changes to two separate websites.

Improved UX:

UX (User Experience) on a website matters a lot. If users don’t feel good on your website due to difficulty in use, because of static website they won’t come again despite of the fact you have the most appealing products or services to offer. The main goal for website owners is to make people like their website, so they would come again.

If a visitor is using a mobile device to access your website and it takes a lot of time to load or pictures don’t have the ideal resolution for the user’s device it would add to a bad user experience. This would also reflect an unprofessional image of your company. A responsive web design, on the other hand, offers a great user experience. A great user experience means elimination of unnecessary zooming, scrolling, and a quicker view of content. A responsive website could appeal users and persuade them to try your product or services and give your company a chance.

Search Engine Rankings:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most crucial matters for a website.  There is a possibility of better number of potential customers with better rank on search engines. Companies spend a lot to get a place in the top search results of Google. As discussed earlier, Google encourages responsive websites by giving them a place in the top search results.

With a responsive website your chances to gain the top spot on search engine results become brighter. Hence, having a responsive web design is a win-win situation. It gives you advantage in the SEO and customer appeal due to better UX.  Mobile-friendly responsive websites are leading Google ranking these days which reflects the importance of having responsive web design. In short, having a responsive website aids in your SEO efforts.

Elimination of Duplicate Content Penalties:

If you possess separate websites for mobile and desktop devices, it can sometimes be a disadvantage for you. You have to release duplicate content for similar products or services which could make you liable to penalties by Google or other search engines.

To eliminate chances of this situation you should create a responsive website which offers specific and relevant content for various users accessing your site through different type of devices.

A Considerable Decrease In Bounce Rate:

Web users often get away from websites that don’t offer relevant information or content or find difficulty in viewing the content. Most of the mobile users won’t wait forever to see your content if your website isn’t working ideally for their device and surely bounce back in search of another relevant website. This bounce-back scenarios happens mostly because of a specific website failing to provide informative content or uncomfortable UX specifically browsing.

A high bounce rate is also observed by Google which takes it as a signal that the website is failing to provide relevant content to the viewers. And gradually starts lowering the rank of the website. A simple solution to all these problems is having a responsive website which is mobile-friendly and provides a good UX to all type of viewers. You just have to get a responsive web design and contain all the content in one URL.

You don’t even have to compromise on the display of content and viewers stay engaged because of relevant content and good UX. They find their desired information through your website and doesn’t bounce back which effectively lowers the bounce rate from your website.

The Take Away:

In this article we have discussed main reasons for the necessity of having a responsive website. We hope that these reasons would be enough for you to take the key decision to hire a responsive sit designer to give you a responsive webs design. This would help you in appealing the potential customers and give a challenge to your competition.

We wish you luck for your business!    

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