10 best funny Halloween movies on Netflix to watch this fall season

 Are you searching for chilling and funny Halloween movies that promise to make you laugh and send shivers down your spine? Look no further! Hold your hearts and Prepare for a thrilling and funny adventure with these 10 new Halloween horror comedy movies available on Netflix.

List of Halloween funny movies on Netflix

  1. Zom 100:bucket list of the dead
  2. We have a ghosts
  3. The Oskars fantasy
  4. Goosebumps 2:haunted Halloween
  5. El Conde
  6. Day shift
  7. Hubei Halloween
  8. The curse of bridge hollow
  9. Night books
  10. The babysitter: guide to monster hunting

This collection of comedy horror movies combines terror with laughter. Let’s explore more.

Zom 100: bucket list of the dead

           Great movie to watch this Halloween. The story is about a zombie outbreak in the town which creates a chill in spines. But a funny twist happens when the protagonist becomes the superhero he always wanted to be, to save the city.

Starring: eiji Akaso,Mai Shiraishi,Shuntaro yanagi and more…….

Released on Netflix: 2023

Age restriction: 18+


We have a ghost


         This comedy horror movie is the most famous on Netflix because it is the best comedy wrapped up in horror. It is a story of a family who shifted into a house that was haunted by a ghost named Ernest. Flickering lights and slamming doors give Goosebumps but the funny encounters with ghosts will make you roll in laughter.

Starring: David Harbor, Anthony Mackie, Jahi di allo Winston, and more……

Released on Netflix: 2023

Age restriction: 13+


The Oskar’s fantasy

             This recently added movie on Netflix is a roller coaster of comedy and horror. In this movie, a producer desperate to win an award hires real supernatural monsters to act in his movie. But the table turns and these spooky supernaturals become cheesy. It is fun to watch this movie with your  family.

Starring: Paolo Contis, Joross gamboa, Kate alejandrino and more….

Released on Netflix: 2023

Age restriction 18+


Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

        It is an interesting blend of comedy, horror, and magic. Three teens spend their Halloween trying to stop a magical book that brings characters into life present in the novel Goosebumps. A perfect family show. Surprise your kids with this comedy horror movie.

Starring: Jeremy Ray Taylor, Madison Iseman, Caleel Haris, and more…..

Released on Netflix: 2018

Age restriction: 7+


EL Conde

    A perfect blend of screams and laughter is EL Conde. This movie is about a 250-year-old vampire Augusto Pinochet who loses his interest in life until a nun arrives with secret intentions and things take a funny turn. Enjoy with your friends this Halloween

Starring: Jaimevadell, Gloria Munchmeyer, Alfredo Castro, and more…..

Released on Netflix: 2023

Age restriction: 18+


Day shift

   A mind-blowing combination of supernatural with comedy makes this movie a fun time with family and friends. The main character Bud’s job is cleaning pools in LA but hides his real job: the vampire hunter. To unfold this mystery, you must watch this horror comedy movie this Halloween.

Starring: Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Natasha Lieu, and more……

Released on Netflix: 2022

Age restriction; 18+


Hubei Halloween

        This interesting comedy horror movie is the best choice for Halloween. The movie is about Hubei who is not popular in his town. But when Halloween turns spooky he sets out to keep his town safe.

This movie can fix you and your kids on seats while watching.

Starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, and more…….

Released on Netflix: 2020

Age restriction: 13+


The curse of bridge hollow

        In this supernatural comedy, a father and daughter try to rescue their town when the Halloween decorations come to life.it is a great attraction for kids.

starring:Marlon wayans,Priya Ferguson and more….

Released on Netflix: 2022

Age restrictions: 13+


Night books

    Highly recommended movie for kids. Relive the magic of the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel “with a magical and frightful twist. With screams and laughter make this Halloween special.

Starring: Winslow Fegley, Libya Jewett, Kryten Ritter, and more……

Released on Netflix: 2021

Age restriction: 10+


The Babysitter’s guide to monster hunting

This comedy horror movie this Halloween gives you frightening sensations and tingling feelings.it is about the struggle of a high schooler babysitter to rescue the child from the boogeyman and his monsters. This rescue takes many funny and scary twists.

Starring: Tamara Smart, Oona Laurence, Tom Felton, and more…..

Released on Netflix: 2020

Age restriction: 10+


 Indian Comedy horror movies on Netflix

              If you are least interested in watching English (Hollywood) movies, Netflix also offers you comedy horror movies in other mediums too. Have a look at these movies.

Bhool bhulaiyaa 2

An Indian movie with English subtitles is available.it is a story of two lovers and their funny encounter with a dreaded spirit in an abandoned house.

Starring:tabu,kartik Aryan,kiara advani and more……

Released on Netflix: 2022



Indian movie in Hindi language with English subtitles. It is a movie about a female spirit who abducted males of the town. But the story takes a comic turn when one man falls in love with her.

Starring: Rajkumar Rao, Shraddha Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi, and more……

Released on Netflix: 2018



An Indian movie with English subtitles. It’s a light-hearted comedy horror movie of friends possessed by a spirit.

Starring: Rajkumar Rao, Varun Sharma, Janhvi Kapoor, and more…..

Released on Netflix: 2021



  Watching funny Halloween movies is a great idea but keep in mind a few cautions to avoid any trouble.

  • Choose movies wisely if watching with family. Some horror scenes create discomfort.
  • Strictly follow age restrictions. All comedy horror movies are not meant for kids.
  • If you have a weak heart, be careful before watching these movies.

  So what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and get ready for the extraordinary movie night. With these funny Halloween movies on Netflix, you’ll experience a perfect blend of comedy and horror that will make you burst into laughter and feel a shiver in your spine. Whether you gather your friends or sit alone in a cosy blanket, prepare for thrilling entertainment this Halloween season!

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