10 Best Books to Read for Beginners in 2024

books to read for beginners

Books are like hidden treasures. You never know what you will get to learn from each page of every book. A wise man once said, “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” This might be your first time reading books, and you are searching for any book that is the best for you, whether it is of historical genre, fiction, or may be based on spiritual or motivational scripts. So, you don’t have to worry; in this article, I’ll tell you about the best books to read as beginners, which are also my favorites. So keep reading till the end.

Books to Read for Beginners

10 Best Books for Beginners

The 10 listed books are the best books to read for beginners. 

  1. Don’t Believe Everything You Think
  2. The Laws of Human Nature
  3. Stories of the Prophets (PEACE BE UPON HIM)
  4. The Gaze 
  5. The Great Philosophers 
  6. Atomic Habits
  7. The Diary of a Young Girl 
  8. The Alchemist 
  9. The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Revolution 
  10. The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine 

1. Don’t Believe Everything You Think by Joseph Nguyen

It is the number 1 best-selling book of Joseph Nguyen. The idea discussed in this book is that our thinking is the leading cause of all suffering. Nguyen himself discussed his life journey in this book which makes this book the best book to read for beginners, and also what attempts and what sort of things he has to do to overcome stress, anxiety, and emptiness.

2. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho 

A story about a young shepherd who was having recurring dreams about finding a treasure in the pyramids of Egypt. The book also has a romantic arc in it. If you are hunting for books to read for beginners, this is a great option. In this book, this young Andalusian shepherd tries everything to reach his dreams, not giving up, and continues his journey to the pyramids to get that treasure he was dreaming about.

3. The Gaze by Elif Shafak 

In this novel, Elif Shafak discusses how we see people and how people see us. It is about an overweight woman and her lover, a dwarf. One day, they both decide to switch their roles to avoid disturbing stares from people but end up being stared at still but differently. The book discusses a really important societal issue: the typical body image and desirability of people based on their looks. It is just a romantic novel and full of lesson writing. Elif Shafak’s stories are mostly considered books to read for beginners. 

The Gaze by Elif Shafak: books to read as a beginner

4. Atomic Habits by James Clear 

A practical and comprehensive guide on developing good habits and getting rid of your bad habits. So, it would be a great motivational book to read for beginners.  This book gives the solution for people in misery in sorting their lives. An excellent book for people who want significant personal growth in their lives. Atomic habit refers to a small habit that can bring a great, remarkable change in one’s life just by determination and self-awareness. 

5. Stories of the Prophets (PBUH) by Ibn Kathir

Stories of the Prophets (PBUH) by Ibn Kathir educates about believing in all the messengers and Prophets of Allah Almighty. It has the stories of the following Prophets:

  1. Adam
  2. Idris (Enoch)
  3. Nuh (Noah)
  4. Hud
  5. Salih
  6. Ibrahim (Abraham)
  7. Lut (Lot)
  8. Shu’yab
  9. Ismail (Ishmael)
  10. Ya’qub (Jacob)
  11. Ayyub (Job)
  12. Yusha Ibn Nun (Joshua)
  13. Dawud (David)
  14. Ilyas (Elijah, Elias)

The stories in this book have been compiled from ‘Al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah’ (the beginning and the end). The stories of the prophets have been supported by the Qur’an and traditions of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W). To know about the lives of Prophets, this is a great book to read for beginners and others searching for some spiritual context to read.

Holy Qur'an

6. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

A Dutch-language diary that tells about a Jewish teenager who lived in Amsterdam during the Holocaust. The hardships she faced and how she, despite everything, managed to find ways to be happy are mentioned in this book. You will get to know in this diary about a story of a girl who was running from Nazis during World War II. This diary was published by Anne Frank’s father, Otto, the family’s only survivor.

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

7. The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Revolution by David Brion Davis 

This book gives the history of slavery culture. And mainly focuses on the American slavery system. It’s a perfect book for beginners when trying to step into the history genre. The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Revolution is a book not only about slavery and anti-slavery but also about liberal revolutions and the emergence of industrial capitalism. 

8. The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene

The book teaches about self-control and how to master our emotions. It has an excellent context for teaching how to deal with people. Also, you always have to be grateful and never have high hopes from other people.

9. The Great Philosophers by Stephen Law

The Great Philosophers is a book about history’s greatest thinkers. It gives us a more precise concept of the theories of great philosophers like Socrates, Nietzsche, and others. 50 biographies of different philosophers and their mindsets and ideas have been discussed in this book.

books to read for beginners

10. The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappè

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappè will tell you how more than 900,000 Palestinians were expelled from their own homes by Israeli forces when, in 1948, illegal Israeli occupation occurred. This book gives an excellent overview of the Palestine-Israel conflict and Israeli terrorism. Ilan pappè, in this book, provides a detailed account of Israeli military involvement in demolishing Palestinians from this world. It is an excellent book to read for beginners to focus on historical and political issues.


Who doesn’t want to spend their time doing something comforting and beneficial? Reading books is one of those habits which will always help you to know more and more about the world. I’ve discussed 10 books of many genres: history, fiction, romance, societal issues, and even political issues. Hence, you can find every kind of book to read for beginners here including those which will let you know how to sort things in your life like atomic habits.


  1. How has reading books changed life?

It gives access to the brain to more ideas and to explore more.

  1. Which genre books sell the most?

Romantic novels.

  1. Which genre books are best for beginners?

Fictional books.

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