15 August Will Be Observed As Black Day

15 August, 2019 will be observed as a Black Day, according to Pakistan’s Foreign Minister. It will be observed across the country and both sides of the Line of Control. This step is in the reaction of the intensifying clampdown in the Kashmir by the Indian Government. Moreover, he requested all the opposition leaders to join hands for the Kashmir cause.

To mark India’s Independence Day as Black Day, the Twitter handle of Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is displaying black color. The Ministry’s spokesperson, Dr. Muhammad Faisal, said we are standing with our Kashmiri brothers.

Pakistan has already suspended trade and diplomatic ties with India in the light of ongoing tensions between the two countries. These actions were taken to register India’s abrogation of Kashmir’s special status. Pakistan regards Kashmir is an unfinished agenda of partition.

India’s Abrogation of Kashmir’s Special Status

Earlier this week, India cancelled articles 35A and 370 of their constitution. It did away with the autonomous status of Indian Occupied Kashmir. Section 370 let the Kashmir state assembly to form its constitution and granted it the independent state authority. Article 35A gave the power to the State Assembly to determine who can get permanent residence in Jammu and Kashmir state.

This article also let the State Assembly decide to whom they shall give the state grant. Also, who could get the status of the permanent citizenship of the state. Additionally, the same article allowed the State Assembly to regulate purchase and ownership of within its territory.

Pakistan to observe 15th August as a Black Day

India Has Deployed Additional Troops

India has deployed a massive number of troops in Srinagar and the adjacent villages and towns. The troops are besides the already existing military setups. The extensive militarization of the city has turned its scenic beauty into a desolate burrow of barricades and barbed wires.

However, even this much effort and lock-down by the Indian army has failed to prevent the protests. Despite the pellet-firing and tear gas shelling by the Indian forces, almost 8,000 Kashmiris gathered to protest after Friday prayer. Unlike 15 August alone, every day is a Black Day for Kashmiris.

India Has Blocked Internet and Other Communication

Access to the internet and communication services is not available. It is an attempt to hide the ugly face of the Indian tyrannies in the valley. The Indian government could muster up the courage to confirm that there have been clashes in the Jammu and Kashmir, between the militants and the law-enforcement agencies, only on Tuesday.

Throughout Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, buildings, homes, public places, and vehicles will display black flags. In the meantime, the national flag will remain half-mast on the government premises to mark the protest. Also, at the local level, rallies will be held. They will bring to light India’s actions and brutalities in Jammu and Kashmir.

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