Arslan Ash Wins Tekken EVO Japan 2019

Arslan Ash, a professional Pakistani Tekken player, after winning the EVO Japan put on a new show this weekend at Thaiger Uppercut. Thaiger Uppercut is famous as the greatest fighting game tournaments played in East Asia.

It is organized and conducted in Bangkok, Thailand. Professional players from all parts of Asia will participate in this tournament. Some of them are Book, LowHigh, Knee, and several others.

Arslan & EVO Japan

Arslan won the prestigious tournament despite participating in it for the very first time. For those who don’t know much about Knee, he is the famous Tekken 7 player of the world. This year, there was an exciting finale of Tekken 7 in the EVO fighting game tournament.

Both players were neck-to-neck in this game. It is something which rarely happened before. Knee is a South Korean champion of EVO last year. Also, he is also famous as the powerhouse of Tekken. However, he seemed to be under pressure for this year’s match.

Knee was hot on Arslan’s tail throughout the match. Nevertheless, Arslan relentlessly pressed on, and then it was over suddenly: With two quick jabs and perfect sidestep, Arslan became the new champion of EVO. It was exciting and hard for Arslan to reach to that point.

Arslan Ash wins the Tekken tournament

How it Went Down

Being fully aware of given respect to one another, both professional players stuck with their characters, with Knee picking Devil Jin and Arslan using Kazumi. The first game was dominated by Arslan; he quickly put down Knee by using poke heavy, zoning play method.

But Knee was not easy to defeat. In the second game, he defeated Arslan by adopting a highly aggressive style of play. Knee was able to equal the score with 1 to 1. In the third game, Knee again earned the victory. Outstanding spacing and use of moves, Knee was able to win all three rounds.

Hence, gaining a 2 to 1 lead in match series. Despite facing a massive loss in those two games, Arslan stuck with his style by leaving Knee in trouble spots. In the next two games, Arslan played extremely well. He defeated Knee with a score set of 3-2. Therefore, earning him the Title of Champion of the Year for TGU Tekken.

Global Standings

The first Tekken World Tour participation of Arsalan is in the Thaiger Uppercut 2019. After the win, Arslan’s ranking improved with 150 Tekken points. Also, he earned $500. Now he is at 27th position in the international rating. Moreover, Knee’s changed from 7th to 4th. And also EVO Japan and EVO are not the only achievements of Arslan.

He also won a tournament held in Vegas before playing EVO. The EVO Japan tournament earned Arslan a lot of fame and recognition. He is world-famous in the community of fighting games. Also, they all are looking at him for the project known as EFight Pass due to which Arslan get a visa for the USA. We are hopeful that Arslan Ash reigns supreme at EVO Japan next year again.

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