Former Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit Helped Johnny Sins In Increasing His Twitter Followers


An embarrassing incident took place for Abdul Basit, the former Pakistani High Commissioner to India when he retweeted the picture of Johnny Sins (adult film star) mistaking him as a Kashmiri who lost his vision due to Indian pellet attacks.

Thought Abdul Basit deleted that tweet right away but as news and tweets spread on such platforms like fire, a Pakistan-based journalist Naila Inayat took the screenshots of that tweet and posted it back where it became the center of attention and jokes for thousands of people.

The mistake Abdul Basit made was that he retweeted a post from a twitter handle @blundartarar where a still of an adult film with Johnny Sins in it was posted.

Basit thought that Johnny was someone who lost his vision due to the pellet attack and this was by far his biggest mistake. Though Kashmir is a serious issue but the tweet and the screenshots posted by Naila actually made people laugh out loud.

Former Pakistani High Commissioner Mistakes Adult Actor Johnny Sins as Kashmiri Pellet Victim

Johnny Sins Strikes Back

The story doesn’t end here because all of this became so popular and people made so much fun of this mistake that even Johnny Sins wrote, “Shout out to @abasitpak1 for all the new twitter followers! Thanks but my vision is fine.”

Former Pakistani High Commissioner Mistakes Adult Actor Johnny Sins as Kashmiri Pellet Victim

If you head to Johnny’s twitter handle right now, you’ll get to see a lot of hilarious tweets and retweets by people.

Inayat tweeted: “Former Pakistani High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit, mistakes Johnny Sins for a Kashmiri man who lost vision from the pellet. Unreal times these, really.”

Final Thoughts

Well, honestly what we think is that people make such mistakes and it’s quite common but people like Abdul Basit, who have huge responsibilities on their shoulders, they should be careful of what they are posting on social media.

This was our stance but we’d love to know yours! So drop a comment and let us know what you have to say about this whole incident.
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