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Concept of Dowry in Islam & Today’s Society

true Spirt of Dowry

“Dowry is a curse.”

“The one who takes dowry will go to hell.”

“Dowry is not permissible.”

“Dowry is haram.”

How many times have you heard these statements? There is not a single person in our society who has not heard that, “Dowry is a curse.” Dowry has always remained a contentious subject, be it social media or talk shows. It has got different aspects, one being how society thinks about the system of dowry and the other being what Islam says about dowry.

The society has injected the above statements in our minds. The Holy Quran or the Sunnah refers to none of these statements. Therefore, before believing in them, one should ask whether the society is following the teachings of Islam or their own beliefs.

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