Top Reasons Why WordPress Is Preferable For SEO

This article discusses why WordPress is the best platform for SEO

If you are here today, chances are that you are just confused regarding WordPress. You are confused with all the hype out there and you want answers like “why is WordPress preferable for SEO?” or “is WordPress even worth the time?”. Well, whatever your questions are, we are here to answer them all today.

For now, we all can be on the same page that yes, WordPress is undeniably one of the best leading content management systems (CMS) right now. There is not just one but several different reasons that make WordPress the best option. The proof for it is the fact that around 33.1% websites operating on the internet are built on WordPress. There are various e-commerce stores & blogs running on it.

The long story short about WordPress and its hype is that it’s an easy to use platform. People with little to no coding or programming knowledge can build their own websites and customize them. At the end of the day, this is the one thing that we all needed – a platform that lets people build websites even if they aren’t professional developers.

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Now as you all know, building a website is not the end to all the struggles, in fact, this is where the real struggle begins! The struggle of “SEO”. Without SEO, no website is of any use and this is an understood fact. Want to know how WordPress and SEO are linked? Here are some reasons that might explain it all to you in detail.

Better User Experience

Search Engine Optimization is all about satisfying the search engines and your website visitors. That is all that an SEO expert focuses on, he works on creating a better user experience. But with WordPress, you do not have to just “Create” it from the scratch, in fact, it comes built in. There are plugins and themes already available in WordPress that will make your life a lot easier than you can imagine.

You see, with coding and programming, things do work out but there are always some restrictions and limitations. With WordPress, you can have the peace of mind at least that you will not have to create a better user experience from the very start. It has a smarter solution, and this is probably the best way to impress Google.

Optimization for Mobile

It is not a hidden fact anymore that Google has decided long ago to rank only those sites that are mobile friendly. Your SEO services will not be of any use if you are not helping your mobile customers get to you easily. With WordPress, what happens is that your worries regarding mobile optimization come to an end.

It is easier, there are several features to enjoy and make your site worth the experience. There are free and paid themes and plugins and whatnot! In simpler words, creating a website that is easily accessible to the mobile users is way easier on WordPress.

WordPress Has Dedicated SEO Plugins

If you are new to this content management system, you might not know about the plugins. For starters, plugins are like small software pieces that can be installed if you want to use different features. Speaking of which, there are several plugins offered by WordPress that allow people to do anything including ranking high on the search engines.

In fact, you can also look for those plugins that are specifically for boosting a site’s SEO. With these plugins you can do a variety of things like creating sitemaps. One of the best SEO plugins to use is Yoast and it’s recommended by almost all SEO marketing experts. It can bring a proper suite of features to your site.

Creating A Sitemap

For the search engines to quickly identify what you are and what your website is about, you need a sitemap. A sitemap is a list of the pages and all the content that you have on your website and this list is organized in a hierarchy. This sitemap is not just for the crawlers, but it is also for the users and easy navigation for them.

Honestly, adding a sitemap to your website won’t make a huge difference but it still holds a little value when it comes to improving SEO. It lets those crawlers see your site and it tells what your site is about. Now, when it comes to adding a sitemap on WordPress, it’s extremely easy and simple.

There are specific targeted plugins for this matter like Google XML sitemaps and then there are tools like Yoast SEO etc. In simpler words, with WordPress you’ve got a lot that you can do to make a difference in SEO.

Keywords Centric Content

You probably already know that all that matters on the internet is your “content”. But what is even more important than that are the keywords you use. Now, the trick isn’t just to find the right keywords, in fact, it’s also in using those keywords in a way that it looks like you’ve built your content around them.

This is important for SEO because this way, technically you will be communicating your website to the search engine bots. You are supposed to use the keywords in the titles of your website, the headings and the content too. This way your content will show in the relevant search engines and that is where your success begins. With all the latest technology updates, there are tools you can use to find the right keywords and incorporate them just where they belong.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the reasons that explain why you should pick WordPress above any other CMS. It all makes sense and the proof that WordPress is the best platform is that more and more people are now shifting to it. By the next year, chances are that more than 50% websites will be built using WordPress. Keeping this in view, you should also think about getting your site developed on WordPress. At least with it, you will have the peace of mind that you are making the right investment.


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