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Doctors Warn Against Eating Excessive Meat During Eid

Doctors Warn Against Eating Excessive Meat During Eid-ul-Adha

On Friday, health experts and doctors advised individuals to not store excessive meat after Eid. Moreover, they recommend against eating meat in excess. Consuming meat in excess leads to gastroenteritis, diabetes, liver, kidney, and cardiovascular diseases.

Doctors Unite Against Excessive Meat

According to Dr Zahid Farooq, who is a cardiologist, eating red meat leaves adverse effects on a person’s health. Eating stored meat are more at risk of falling ill. Every year, private and public healthcare centers receive many emergency cases related to different stomach and other health issues right after Eid-ul-Adha; the reason is high meat consumption.

The frozen red meat becomes harmful as it would impact heart and kidneys the most. According to the doctor, overeating red meat may result in gastric irritation, constipation, heart problems, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal contraction, acidity, and high cholesterol.

We are not stopping people from in taking high-calorie drinks and food. But eating in excess is quite harmful. Therefore, consume meat in small quantity. Also, eat lots of salad while eating meat.

He further stated that people should have meals after regular intervals during Eid days. Because consuming balanced drinks and food will help in regulating the cholesterol level. He also suggested tea after meals during Eid days. According to him, instead of fizzy beverages, it’s best to use a lot of water as it will assist in avoiding excessive intake of liquid calories.

A dietitian at a private clinic, Dr. Naeem Tasaduq also recommended consuming low-fat food during EId-ul-Adha. According to him, this will help us in enjoying the festival to its maximum. Most of the food items on Eid contain meat.

Therefore, using high-calorie sauces and fat in their preparation must be avoided as much as possible. He said that the focus of people must be on celebrating Eid instead of stuffing their tummies with meat and must choose stroll after having a meal for burning calories.

Doctors suggest using antacid in case of gastric issues and oral saline in case of diarrhea. He further added that one must visit the doctor in case of any emergency without any further delay.

For patients suffering from chronic liver ailments, he advised them not to consume red means as it could result in a coma. Unfortunately, people start eating red meat after Eid without using vegetables and salads. They even stop using bread.

Fruits and Yogurt are Useful Too

It is also advised by different doctors that people should make use of fruits. Also, take yogurt along with red meat. Many people make use of animal fats, and this is not hygienic. For cooking food, only vegetable oil is recommended. Therefore, follow the advise of leading doctors and avoid heating excessive meat on Eid or any other time.

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