Apple Offers $1 Million For Finding Bugs In Its Software

Apple Offers $1 Million For Finding Bugs In Its Software

In this digital era, information has become of utmost importance. Companies invest millions of dollars every year to protect their data and those of their customers. Nevertheless, the data is still hacked. In many cases, the data is sold on the dark web. To counter this, companies such as Apple make sure that the bugs in its software are non-existent.

To achieve this, apart from internal testing, Apple offers rewards to world-class hackers to find out flaws in their operating systems. This allows the company to plug in potential loopholes that are overlooked during internal testing. Ultimately, it allows companies to roll out error-free products to their users.

The Stakes Are Now Increased

During the past years, the reward was capped at $200,000. Also, not everyone was eligible to take part in the event. Only those hackers could participate which were invited by Apple. This season, the stakes are bigger than before. The reward money is now $1 million. Also, the challenge is open for everyone. Any hacker who is successful in gaining control over the Apple product with no assistance from the owner of the device will be given the reward money.

All Apple Platforms Are Playing a Fair Game

Head of security of the Apple, Ivan Krstić, revealed this latest offer. Along with offering a substantial reward, all platforms of Apple, ranging from iCloud to MacOS and everything that comes in between, are a part of the challenge.

During the previous month, 6 flaws in iPhone’s security were revealed by Google researchers. And still one of them is unresolved. The weaknesses in iOS software will permit hackers to control devices by just sharing a bugged message.

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