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Daraz and Goto Offer Eid & 14 August Celebrations

Daraz and Goto offer exciting sales on Eid and 14 August

Eid-ul-Adha and Independence Day both are right around the corner, so Goto and Daraz, which are the leading online selling platforms in Pakistan have introduced their sales for both events. These sales start from 1st August and continue till 5th August – just to ensure that people have everything they require for a festive, long weekend. Therefore, enjoy as much as possible with Daraz and Goto this August.

Daraz Eid-ul-Adha Sale 2019

During the past few years, Daraz emerged as the one “shop entertainment” platform in Pakistan. With exciting features such as collectible vouchers, Shake Shake vouchers, customers enjoyed a comprehensive experience at Daraz. During this “Hari Bari Eid Sale,” people will be capable of playing games such as Fruit Ninja and Running Daz, sponsored by big brands like Nestle, L’Oreal, and P&G.

There are few other co-sponsors of this sale comprising Xiaomi, Unilever, and RB. Through these games, customers get a chance to gain valuable prizes offered by these brands. There are discounts on clothes, electronics, and other accessories. Moreover, customers can collect and avail vouchers from more than 700+ sellers.

Daraz 14th August Sale 2019

Every year, the Independence Day Sale is launched by Daraz. However, this year, Eid and Independence Day are coming side by side. So Daraz is offering the biggest “Hari Bari Eid sale” for celebrating 14th August as well. Customers can get a variety of Independence Day products for kids, along with receiving huge discounts on other household items.

They are ensuring that the products reach customers before these two festivals so they can enjoy it. Daraz has a strong commitment with its customers for delivering genuine products. So, just order the products and enjoy your 14th August and Eid together.

Goto Eid-ul-Adha Sale 2019

Goto is another biggest online shopping platform where you can find all the required products that you need daily. From clothes to grocery, everything is accessible at Goto at affordable prices. All meat lovers have the opportunity to enjoy amazing discounts on freezers and refrigerators to get rid of the tension for meat storage during Eid days.

Wait a moment- this Eid-ul-Azha sale is not just confined to freezers and refrigerators as you can look for amazing deals on dresses for women and men also. You can check the latest kids’ clothes collection at Goto as well. Also, don’t forget to shop the branded beauty items on Goto to give your beauty a new shine on this Eid.

Goto 14th August Sale 2019

Along with Eid-ul-Adha, 14th August -Independence Day, is also coming. Before 14th August, roads are filled with different stalls containing shirts, badges, flags, etc. Although, you can find the materials for Independence Day quiet easily on shops and stalls, yet many times it difficult to go out and buy all these items for kids due to a busy schedule.

So, save your time by shopping online from Goto. Along with these items, they are offering a special discount on other household products as well. All you need to do is that simply go to their website, search the desired product, and order it!


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