Google Assistant Can Now Send A Reminder

Did you forget to bring home the milk even though your wife asked you several times? You forgot to pay your child’s fees? Did your wife forget to cook you your favourite food even though you asked her before leaving for office? Did your roommate forget to pay the internet bill? Well, all these tensions are now a thing of the past. Because through Google Assistant, you can send a reminder.

Google has now come up with a feature which will help users to send a reminder to the other person. Your wife can send you a reminder to bring home the milk while coming back from the office. You can send a reminder to your friend to pay the internet bill before the connection is cut off and you are transported into the Dark Ages.

A Major Upgrade to Google Assistant

This new feature is added to Google’s flagship application – Google Assistant. It allows you to create a group and then send a reminder notification to whoever you want — friends, family or even co-workers. A parent can send reminders to their children, or a husband can send a reminder to their significant other.

That reminder would pop up on the other person’s device. The most exciting thing is that the feature works on any device that has Google Assistant running on it. It can be your smartphone, tablet or even smart TV. Talk about convenience! This new feature will help families, friends and co-workers to stay more organized while improving collaboration as well.

Quite Easy to Use

All this might seem a bit tricky for the not so tech-savvy people. But guess what? Setting a reminder is one of the easiest things to do. To set a reminder for any person, simply say

‘Hey Google, remind Zain to pay the internet bill at 11 am tomorrow’.

Zain will get a reminder on his device saying that a reminder has been created. He will again be reminded at the time you have set for the reminder, which in this case is 11 am. Cool, right? Apart from setting reminders, you can also check which reminders you have set for others. For example, if you are not sure whether or not you have set a reminder, simply say

‘Hey Google, what are my reminders for Zain?’

It is perhaps one of the most convenient features out there to stay organized. The good news does not end there. Also, you can also send location-based reminders in case you are unsure about the time when you want to remind the other person. For example, you want to remind your husband to pick up your dress from the shop. However, you are unsure when your husband will go to the market.

Google Assistant Can Now Send A Reminder

Well, in this case, there is nothing to worry about. You can simply set a reminder for when your husband is in the market. Just say

‘Hey Google, remind Ali to pick up my dress when he gets near the Liberty market’.

Google will then remind Ali to pick up the dress when he is near the Liberty market. Is it not innovative! Perhaps it is one of the most innovative features of the Google Assistant to date. Before you get excited, imagine your annoying relatives or so-called friends, setting reminders. Imagine the annoyance and panic every time you see the notification.

Google Assistant Will Not Allow Everyone To Set A Reminder

But before you start panicking and uninstalling Google Assistant, just know that everyone cannot set a reminder. According to Google, only those people that are in your Google Family Group can set reminders for you.

Moreover, the account can be set up at Apart from this, if those people and your account are linked to the Smart Display or speaker, they can also set reminders for you. Lastly, as an added security feature, the person must be in your Google contacts.

Available in Select Regions Only

According to Google, this feature would be accessible starting from the next month, although it will take its start from US, UK, and Australia at first. Later, it will expand to other areas. Let us know about the feature and what you think about it when it becomes available in this region.

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