Voice Search – A New Tool in SEO?

Voice Search - A New Tool in SEO?

The world has seen a lot of tech improvements in the current decade. One of the most prominent tech improvements is voice search. Voice search enables the users to search the internet by using their voice instead of typing their queries in search bars of search engines. The use of voice search is more than ever before. People prefer voice search over the conventional way of searching the web. It has made their life way easier.

Anybody can get the search results with just a simple voice search query. Google voices search is getting a lot of popularity these days. People just ask Google about their required result in a simple conversational way. The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in voice search has been another reason for the success of voice search. Voice search is done with the help of AI digital assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Cortana.

People who use iPhone can simply ask Siri (AI digital assistant from Apple) to bring their required search results by simply asking their search queries in a conversational way. A lot of e-commerce businesses are trying to optimize their sites according to voice search 2019. The rise of voice search can affect a website’s SEO to a greater extent. There is a strong need for optimization of websites according to the voice search for better ranking of content.

Reasons behind the popularity of voice search:

Voice search is way different from the conventional way of searching because of the reason that voice utilized search queries differ from the written ones. It allows the user to put search queries in a more expressing conversational way. There is a huge number of internet users using voice search to get the results of their queries. According to recent stats shown by Google, around 41% of adults and 55% of teenagers use voice search to search the web. While some of us might prefer, type search queries over the conversational ones, voice search is more appealing to the younger generation. The reason for this is voice search being faster than the written one.

Voice search is also seeing a rise of use because of the smartphones, smartphone users are more likely to use voice search for their queries instead of typing it on the screen of their phones. Although some people might find voice search a useful tool to find directions, places, food outlets, recipes, and weather stats but there is a huge number of people who use it for ecommerce queries. Voice search also represents a gradually increasing part of ecommerce sales. According to recent stats by consumer report, 29% of Americans who own smartphones used voice search to make purchase of the items from web.

Voice search is important for effective SEO of your website.

Ways to get most out of the popularity of voice search:

Voice search can be a great benefit for the businesses who optimize their site and content according to the voice search along with the conventional one. It can be a huge setback for businesses who don’t pay much attention to voice search queries when it comes to SEO. The future of web search depends mostly on voice search now.

This could be a great way for ecommerce businesses to set their competition apart. They only need to focus on optimizing their content while keeping voice search in mind. Websites need to address the growing demand of voice while still remaining compatible for the written search queries. Voice search optimization should always be the part of SEO agenda in order to keep pace with the modern search trends.

Here are some ideas on how to make your ecommerce site compatible for voice search queries: 

Content must be written conversationally:

It doesn’t matter if you are optimizing for written or spoken search queries, your content should be written in a conversational way instead of formal writing to rank it well on Google and other search engine platforms.

Often the best keywords are the most common ones which people use during their daily conversations instead of the fancy words to search for a topic. For instance, if you use “best swimwear” as a keyword, it will do much better instead of “high-end swimwear” which is not a commonly used word in daily life conversations.

The basic difference between voice and written search keywords is that voice search keywords are comparatively longer than the written ones. For example, in case of written queries short phrases are used like, “best bedsheets” but in case of voice search the phrase might be long like, “best bedsheets for king size beds”. Long tail keywords are more acceptable for users in addition to being a tool for better ranking on Google for spoken search queries.

Focus on Short Answers:

Another great way to handle voice search queries is giving short and precise answers in return of spoken search queries and commonly asked questions. Generally, these answers should be around 3 sentence long. However, this is not a thumb rule, the length of answers could be extended if there is a need for it.

Although, Google usually extracts speech queries from larger text bodies but it is easier to give an answer to the voice search query with in FAQ. Google would rank your website first if there is a simpler access to a relevant answer in return of a voice search query. It should be remembered that very first answer is read as a result of voice queries. So, it’s really critical to get your content ranked first in Google search.

Optimizing the Website’s Markup:

Here are some ways to optimize your site’s markup for voice search queries for voice search 2019:

  • Writing a page’s content on single specific matter.
  • Using trigger words like, “Where”, “how”, “how much”, and “what”.
  • Providing content which is written to specifically answer a question.
  • Using various levels of headings for titles and subtitles.
  • Including keywords in the first sentence or paragraph of your content.
  • Focus on synonyms and related words too.
  • Create one unique title and meta tag for each page of your website.
  • Implement local SEO, by using words like “local”, “nearest”, and “near me”.

Take Away:

Voice search, which is a great tech innovation is getting popular day by day. It’s time for e-commerce businesses to up their website’s SEO level and make it compatible for voice search queries. We have discussed some useful tips above which could be a help to get most out of the voice search trend and make it a huge befit for the business.

Follow these steps to make your website compatible for voice search and make more business. Hopefully these tricks would help you in making more business.

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