Google Maps Gets Another Amazing Feature

For someone who has to commute on a daily basis, Google Maps is no less than a blessing. There are people in the world who find it hard to remember routes and roads, and for such people, Google Maps is a savior. The best part is that Google keeps adding and releasing more interesting features in Google Maps to make it more convenient for users.

Especially over the past few weeks, Google has added several new features to its Maps app, and these features are actually working wonders for the users. Speaking of features, there’s this one important feature that the application was missing, but now Google has added that too!

Google Maps Street View

Yes, you read that right, and that missing feature was the “Street View Layer.” Street view is so far the best feature introduced by Google, and it will help people in planning their commutes in a smarter way.

As Android is the natural home of Google Maps, this feature is currently available to the Android users only. However, there is no cause for worry. It will soon be introduced for the iOS users too.

The best benefit of this feature is that it will help you in visualizing those places that you are visiting for the first time. Want to know something even more impressive? You can easily shift from the Street View feature to the normal Map view.

There’s a standalone street app also available on the play store but if you are getting two things in one then why opt for a separate app?

Moreover, here’s a screenshot that clearly shows how you can access the “Street View” feature and how it can help you in visualizing the streets and the roads etc. that you’ve never even been on.

Google Maps Street View Feature

Besides, all you have to do is to press “layer,” and you will immediately have access to all the roads and areas where Google’s cameras have taken 360-degree snaps. You need to tap on the place where you want to be instead of dragging it.

It Is Worth A Try!

It’s one useful feature added by Google, and we hope that in the near future, Google comes up with some even more interesting features and functionalities that will make people love the application even more!

To download the application for your Android phone, click here.
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