Warning For Millions Of Microsoft Windows 10 Users

Microsoft has given its final verdict that Microsoft Windows 10 is going to be the last version of Windows. But the users don’t need to worry as they will keep adding different features in it.

Hearing this, a lot of Windows 8 and Windows 7 users quickly shifted to Windows 10. The reason is that there’s no doubt in the fact that the user experience of Windows 10 is way better than the previous versions.

Microsoft Windows 10 is the most favorite version of millions of people. Nevertheless, it has started facing some threats and problems too. Over the past few updates, Windows 10 has had a tough time.

Faulty Update

Some of the problems were out of the company’s control. Similarly, many users think that Microsoft brought these problems on itself and now the users have to look out for another one.

All the problems started due to the Windows Update, KB4512941 that was supposed to fix a lot of problems for the users but unfortunately, it came with the opposite results as expected.

The trouble begins with a Windows update button that says “Check updates.” After this button appears, a “Download” or “install” button comes up.

Upon installing the update, the ineffective Cortana fix gets compromised. It eats somewhat around 40 percent of the CPU’s performance which ultimately consumes a huge amount of battery life too.

In simpler words, this update of Microsoft Windows 10 is bringing a lot of trouble. The performance and the battery are the most affected by this update. Till date, Microsoft has not released any official statement regarding this problem.

However, there are people from the company that are unaware of the problem. Representatives from Microsoft say that they aren’t aware of the issues being generated due to the Windows KB4512941 update.

Final Thoughts

We are really hoping that Microsoft realizes the mistake that it has made. We are expecting that it comes up with a quick fix for this problem as people have a lot of expectations with Windows 10!
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