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5 Trendy Ideas of Groom Dress for Barat This Winter

Groom dress for barat

Generally, it’s the bride’s dress we are always worried about. Why you say? Because it literally takes months to decide what the bride should wear and then getting it designed is a task of its own. But in the midst of it, we shouldn’t neglect the groom. You as the groom deserve to look just as amazing on your big day as the bride. And, if you are looking for the most trending groom dress for barat then you are at the right place. Here, I’ll tell you all the trendy designs, that are in fashion nowadays in Pakistan for grooms especially suitable for winter. So, just keep reading till the end.

Traditional Groom Dress for Barat in Pakistan

Traditional dressing for weddings in Pakistan is the most versatile option. You can never go wrong with traditional dressing as it is something that has been done for decades. But you need to remember that while carrying any attire, you need to know how it should be carried. There is a famous saying that, “You should wear a dress, not the dress should wear you.” So, here are some great ideas for groom dresses for barat that’ll surely get you hooked.

Groom dress for barat

1. Pakistani Style Sherwani 

Pakistani-style sherwani is very simple yet very royal. Designers in Pakistan have modified the sherwani in such a way that now it looks modern yet a traditional outfit. Maybe, this statement of mine really shocks you but believe me, if you are a Pakistani dulha and you are going to have your barat in winter, there are some really good velvet sherwani options, with dark colors and beautiful embroidery or stone work on them. 

Pakistani Style Sherwani

2. Indian Style Sherwani

In many parts of Pakistan, especially in Punjab, grooms go for Maharaja looks, which is basically an Indian sherwani look. Indian sherwani looks for grooms have some really unique touches that date back to the Mughals. In this look, you can go for some jewels on your sherwani with a brooch attached on one side, a heavy Kulla, and a full-on embroidered sherwani. This will definitely make a ravishing groom dress for Barat.

Indian Style Sherwani

3. Three-piece Pakistani Groom Dress for Barat

It is a well-known fact that sherwani is the most worn by Pakistani grooms on their barat. But there are many grooms who want to go with a three-piece suit on their barat day in Pakistan. A three-piece suit is more commonly the modern style of clothing, consisting of a shirt, a pair of pants, and a coat with a tie or a bow tie. For winter, you can go for suits which are either made of velvet or have some thick clothing material like cotton pieces. 

Three-piece Pakistani Groom Dress for Barat

Ethnic Groom Dress for Barat

Ethnic dresses in Pakistan are one of the most sober-looking attires. They are simple yet have such a classy look that you know truly in your heart that you would never go wrong with them. A shalwar kameez with a waistcoat or shawl is one the best Ethnic looks out there for Pakistani dulhas.

4. Shalwar kameez with Shawl 

Did you also go feral over the looks of Wahaj Ali in Tere Bin? What about his iconic shalwar kameez with shawl look which made girls in Pakistan go head over heels for him? Well, here’s a suggestion. If you are having an arranged marriage and don’t know how to impress your bride, then, just wear Shalwar Kameez with a Shawl on your barat. Trust me, your bride will end up stealing glances at you every time she gets a chance.

Now, you can wear a Boski or good quality cotton shalwar kameez with a thick woolen shawl on the shoulders. Or, you can go for an all-black shalwar kameez with some embroidery on it and a shawl on the side for your Barat.

5. Shalwar Kameez with Waistcoat (Petticoats with Pants)

A shalwar kameez with a waistcoat is worn in many different ways and on many occasions. But if you are searching for a groom dress for barat, then this attire is the perfect option. Here I want to say, you need to carry it really well and you need to make a really good combination of colors like with a golden or copper colored shalwar kameez, you can wear a red waistcoat or a brown colored waistcoat.

Designers and Sources for Pakistani Groom Dress for Barat

There are a variety of Designers working out there to give every year the best possible designs. Many of them include HSY, Nameera by FAROOQ, Arsalan Iqbal, LAAM, and many others. LAAM is an online source and offers a wide range of affordable prices ranging from 60,000 to even lacs.

Designers and Sources for Pakistani Groom Dress for Barat


While searching for the best outfit for your wedding, your mind goes through a whole typhoon, whether you are a bride or groom.  As a groom, you want to stand out in the whole gathering with your simple yet unique look. If that’s your plan, then checkout our ideas for groom dress of barat and surely, you’ll be compelled to opt from any of these designs. Happy Shopping!

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  1. What do grooms wear on barat?

Mostly around the world, the main day i.e. the wedding day has a lot of groom outfit looks out there. Like in the West, men go for a three-piece suit. In Arab countries, men go for jubba with a cap on their heads. And finally, grooms in South Asia mainly wear sherwani on barat.

  1. What does a Pakistani groom wear?

     In Pakistan, there is a much higher rate of grooms who opt for sherwani for their barat.

  1. Can you wear black on Barat?

Definitely yes, even you need to know that black makes a really good look with every theme and would suit your bride’s outfit too. So, basically, you can never go wrong with black.

  1. What is the tradition of Barat in Pakistan?

Barat is basically a rukhsati function that originated from Hindu culture and has nothing to do with Islam. It is just a way to gather all your relatives after a really prestigious Nikkah ceremony between bride and groom.

  1. Why sherwani is so popular and why it is preferred by grooms in Pakistan?

Pakistani grooms mainly wear sherwani for their big day i.e. barat. That’s because for many years sherwani has been worn by grooms all around Pakistan and is one of the best traditional and outstanding outfit for grooms. 

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