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High-end and drug store makeup

When a layman watches a beauty guru talk about makeup or he/she is sitting amongst some makeup fanatics; 2 terms are repeated discussed “Highend makeup” and “Drugstore makeup.” Not knowing the meaning of these terms might make them feel out of place, whereas the meaning is very simple.

High-end Makeup

Highend makeup refers to all the makeup brands that are available on Sephora. Further simplifying the term brands such as MAC, NARS, Clinique, Too Faced, Benefit, Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics, Huda Beauty, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills and so on; are all highend makeup brands.

Drugstore Makeup

On the other hand, drugstore makeup comprises makeup brands that are easily available in all countries and are sold at pharmacies, Target, CVS, or any general store that has stuff like perfumes, shampoo, soaps, etc. Most famous and well-known drugstore brands include Maybelline, Ľoréal, Wet n Wild, Milani, Revlon, E.L.F, Neutrogena, Physicians Formula, and so on.

Difference Between High-end and Drugstore Makeup

A major difference between the two is “Price Point”. Drugstore makeup is a lot cheaper than its counterpart, almost half the price of highend makeup and sometimes even more. Usually, the packaging of the highend brands is also much more luxurious and “boujee”. Highend brands have a lot of focus on skincare, therefore, people are willing to spend the extra dollars for the quality of the product.

The tables have been turning recently as many beauty bloggers who are on top of the social media platforms including Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook have been comparing the two makeup industries. A trend has started in the past few years to compare both the drugstore makeup and highend makeup. Some bloggers do half face makeup of drugstore and half face of highend makeup, comparing the two. This has shown that sometimes there is only a slight difference between the color, wear-time, texture, and pigmentation of the two.

The people who are still set at buying highend makeup have 2 main reasons; the quality and long term effects of the makeup product and the “hype” that is created about every launch of a new product, making makeup lovers ache to get their hands on it.

Although some of the drugstore products in each makeup category have acquired such a great rapport that even boujee makeup lovers cannot help to buy them. These famous drugstore makeup products will further be discussed in our “Beauty in a Budget Series”. Stay alert beauty lovers, a lot of more content related to makeup, skincare, bloggers, etc is on its way. 

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