Samsung Galaxy Vs Iphone

As Mobile Phones are becoming additional sophistication, selecting one brand over another is more and more exhausting. Is Apple iPhone better than Samsung, or is it precisely Samsung, the highest phone maker?

Do you like an oversized screen or small? Are you super fastidious regarding footage or do you pixel-peep your explicit photos seeking technical perfection?

Does one play processor or graphics-intensive games or mostly browse the net, make calls, and play a rare movie? Is a smaller amount of storage sufficient for you or you require larger storage space? To possess the most recent and most remarkable device, How much are you willing to pay?

With these queries in mind, we tend to obtain a comparative look at the Apple iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy s10e devices.


The Galaxy S10e is smaller; however, it merely measures 142.2mm in length While the iPhone 11 is taller measures about 150.9mm in length. The S10e’s curves discontinue it from feeling chunky in hand.


The Weight of Samsung galaxy is 150g whereas the iPhone 11 is heavier weighing 194g.


Both makers are staying on their various courses: Samsung has been undoubtedly creating glass-back/aluminium-frame flagships since 2015. Apple’s iPhones in stock are aluminium, stainless steel and glass frame since late 2012.


Samsung galaxy s10e comes in a different color, for example, prism white, prism black, prism blue and flamingo pink whereas iPhone 11 comes in black, white, green, yellow, purple and red colors.


Both provide spectacular water resistance, although Samsung’s information processing rating is higher. The IP rating of Samsung is IP68, whereas the iPhone is IP68.

Display size

While the iPhone 11 overall phone size could realistically be a very little more significant than the Samsung galaxy s10e’s. Samsung screen size is 5.8 inches, whereas the iPhone screen size is 6.1 inches.

Display resolution

The Galaxy S10e’s display appropriately incorporates a 75-percent sharply picture element density. However, bear in mind Apple performs many remarkable things in diverse areas. These things include (contrast, white balance, visible brightness) to place its screens competitive with high-end rivals.

With that justly said, display analysis firm DisplayMate recently ranked the Galaxy S10e as typically having the most effective smartphone display up to now. Samsung s10e display resolution is 2280*1080 438ppi, whereas if we compare with iphone11 the display resolution of the iPhone 11 is1792*828 326ppi.

Display type

The S10e’s display type is AMOLED, but iPhone 11 display type is In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Display (IPS LCD).

Battery charging Ports

Samsung galaxy S10e offers USB-C port whereas, iPhone 11 uses lighting port for charging the battery.

Operating system

iPhone 11 includes dark mode and they are running iOS13 operating system whereas Samsung galaxy s10e is running Android 9 pie.

Fingerprint and Facial recognition detector

Samsung s10e gently moves the fingerprint reader to the rear of the mobile phone this academic year, to comfortably accommodate that nearly all display front side whereas iPhone 11 does not.

However, Samsung promptly offers an identity verification login as an alternate to the secure fingerprint or facial recognition, whereas the iPhone 11 only offers facial recognition login.


The S10e doubles the iPhone’s RAM; however, that doesn’t continuously translate into more extraordinary performance. Samsung S10e RAM is 6GB and 8GB whereas iPhone 11 RAM is 4GB.


Rather than precisely targeting the potential client upscales with an effective range of storage tiers, Samsung offers one (rather generous) 128 GB and 256 GB choice. Iphone11 offers 64 GB, 128 GB AND 256 GB.


If you carefully store countless videos or music on your mobile device and are worried 128 GB and 256 GB isn’t enough. Samsung conjointly helps you to use a specific microSD card to enrich the internal storage, but this option is not available in iPhone 11.

Battery life Analysis

The iPhone 11 appropriately incorporates a lot of higher-capacity battery. However, several diverse factors carefully verify real-world battery life. Samsung’s battery life is 3100mAh, whereas the iPhone’s battery life is 3110mAh. Keep tuned for our favorable review for battery tests.

Wireless and Fast charging

Samsung galaxy s10e and iPhone 11 also includes quick wireless charging, if you go along with a unique Samsung and iPhone made pad. Apple, however, has included quick-charging tech to iPhones whereas Samsung galaxy s10e has also quick charging ability.

Camera Megapixels

Similar to battery capability, camera megapixels adequately inform you little or no regarding image quality.

Camera Aperture (Rear)

The Galaxy S10e’s rear camera undoubtedly has the marginally wider aperture, typically a key element in accurately determining low-lit photograph quality.


In recent years, Android has come on in leaps and bounds, erasing a lot of the enormous gap that wont to undoubtedly exist between it and iOS. For pretty much any specific task across most specific fields there’s an app for you to properly use whether or not you promptly decide for iOS or Android.

That correctly stated Apple’s strict control over each visible side of the iOS system would provide it with a specific leg up. It will generously offer actual specifications for each iOS display to leading developers. That enthusiastically promotes making apps that use space, showing intelligence much more comfortable than with the Android.


Both the iPhone 11 and also the Samsung Galaxy S10e in common are premium phones that attract premium value tags.

Whereas Samsung has voluntarily withdrawn head to head with Apple on rating in recent years. It’ll sell openly for 849$ having 256 GB. That will typically mean that the entry-level iPhone 11 may be a bit cheaper. However, the two higher storage tiers are more expensive, and that’s with storage devices.

That additionally encompasses an effect if you wish either phone on the guaranteed contract, as a result of Apple’s devices attract slightly higher phone repayments over the lifetime of the contract. The flipside of Apple’s iPhone models tends to attract more extraordinary costs in the marketing market. Android phones tend to crash deliberately in resale value terms.

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