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10 Trending Mehndi Celebration Ideas for the Festive Season 2023

mehndi stage decoration

If you have planned your wedding this season, you are definitely searching for mehndi celebration ideas. Learn about how to entertain your guest, and dholki decor ideas from the comfort of your home with us.

We know  March to October are the most awaited months of the year, as these months bring the excitement of wedding festivities. Mehndi is the most beautiful and entertaining function of the whole is celebrated in Asian countries to wish the bride health and prosperity for her new journey in life. 

The music, vibrant decorations, mehndi rituals and bhangra party add beauty to the celebration we bring you the 10 most trending mehndi celebration ideas that will make your event a memory for a lifetime.

Let’s dive into it together and make your mehendi function memorable. 

Plan Your Mehndi Function in 6 Simple Steps

1. Mehndi is celebrated 1 or 2 days before the main event

2. Make a list of guests

3. Send out beautiful and creative Mehndi invitations

4. Decide the party’s theme and color scheme.

5. Hire one or two professional henna artists

6. Organize exciting activities and celebrations to keep guests entertained

Now, we have a quick overview of Mehndi function day. It’s time to dig deep into the mehandi stage decoration, games of the event, dholki decor, and many more.

Trending Mehndi Celebration Ideas for 2023

Carnival or Mela Theme

Mehndi is full of fun and enthusiasm and the most awaited function. This function needs more attention to make it more set a mela or carnival theme for your Mehndi is the most trending idea for 2023. Arrange all the settings according to your theme. Use vibrant colors to make the event lively.

mehendi photo booth celebration

Photo Booth

Do you know how to create fun from this mehnadi function? Let me help you out with this. You can arrange a function with a twist of games to be played at the Mehndi function. Make a beautiful photo booth decorated with flowers and exciting play cards. People love to take photos at photo booths. Make sure to have a set booth where there is proper light.

Bangle Stalls

Bangles are considered the essential element of Mehndi. Put together bangle stalls at the Mehndi function to attract your guests. They will surely like to wear bangles from the stalls. Beautiful bangles will add color to the mehndi evening.

Mehndi Stalls

Henna—the central guest of the occasion, a common tradition to apply on hands. Mehndi wale hath is the natural beauty that every woman wants in Mehndi function. It is an art. Only some people can apply henna on their own. To make your mehndi function unforgettable, hire 2-3 professional henna artists who will apply Mehndi on guests’ hands.

Food Stalls or Confectionary Stalls

Apart from traditional and desi food, arrange a food stall offering gol gappy, fries and pan. Your guests and kids will love to munch before dinner. Food stalls are the most trending celebration idea in 2023. You can also put sweets, cupcakes, and chocolates on the stall; as we all know, Mehndi is about Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye.

Live Performance

Live entertainment like singing and folk dance is also a superb idea to highlight your special day. Such live performances give a traditional and cultural look and are pretty entertaining.

You may also arrange qawali night and ghazal night a day before your mehndi function. If you want to keep your event bubbly, call local bands and group dancers and rock the dance floor.

Dance on the Beat

No mehndi function is complete without dhol, music, dance, and, of course, bhangra. You may call a DJ with a mehndi and bhangra songs list. So, make all your guests leave their seats and dance to the beat. Bhangra on the dhol beat is irresistible.

Games to be Played at Mehndi Function

Fun Games

Fun games are another excellent idea to make your function full of fun. Through these games, you can entertain your guests, and they will show full interest in the event. You may set a snake and ladder floor and ask guests to play on it. Similarly, parcel games,antakshari, tug of war, and many more games you can arrange to make a lively event.

mehendi celebration ideas

Pool Party

If you have a pool at your home or celebrate the mehndi function at the restaurant, having a pool party is the most trending mehndi celebration idea in 2023. decorate your poolside with flowers, lights and play cards. Arrange a cocktail party with a variety of fresh juices and soft drinks.

Return Gifts

Return gifts are always sweet. These small gestures show your friends that you value their time and are happy they attend your mehndi ceremony. You can add fun by hiding away the gifts and playing a game where everybody looks for these gifts.

Theme Based

First of all, select the theme. Then, according to your theme, make arrangements. Use vibrant colors and lights for a lively event.

backdrop mehndi decor idea


Use colored clothes, flowers, tiny fancy umbrellas,  tassels fairy lights to make a backdrop on the stage.


Decorate your place with beautiful placards. Write something traditional or funny. You may write songs on placards.

Mehndi Baskets

Arrange one basket with flowers, Mehndi,ubtan, and oil, in another basket, arrange bangles and flower jewelry, and distribute gajray to your guests. Making a unique basket for sweets, like cupcakes and chocolates, is trending this festive season of 2023.

Flower Arrangement

Mehndi décor is incomplete without flowers.use a lot of flowers on the entrance, stage and tables. Fill small baskets or little pots with flower petals to shower the bride/groom.

Bride/Groom Sitting Arrangements

Set a beautiful jhoola for the bride/groom fully covered with yellow flowers. If you are not interested in sitting on jhoola, use big royal sofas or chairs and decorate them with flowers and fairy lights.

colorful cushion for mehndi function

Colorful Cushions

Scatter colorful cushions with intricate patterns around for guests to sit on. They’ll add comfort and style.

Marigold Madness

Cover the entire venue with marigold flower strings. Their vibrant yellow and orange hues bring a traditional touch.

Dholki Decor Ideas

Desi Art

Display traditional Pakistani or Indian artwork emphasize the cultural significance of the dholki.

Rustic Elegance

For a more rustic look, use wooden crates, barrels, and burlap table runners. It creates a charming and down-to-earth ambiance.

Final Thoughts

Incorporate these 10 most trending and creative Mehndi celebration ideas. Your mehndi night will surely be a success and full of fun. You can also ask friends who have had their mehndi night already for tips. Stay happy and calm, and begin a new chapter of your life with full excitement and enthusiasm. Have a blessed life ahead.

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