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Stylish Wedding Masehri Design for Bridal Room for 2023

masehri design simple

Masheri or wedding room decor is one of the really essential parts of marriage. Its design and how it should matter a lot for one being. So, per your wish, you can just visit any online source just like this article.

One of the most important wedding arrangements is the masehri design. In the given article, you will get to know about all the wedding decor ideas for Pakistani Marriages and also for other parts of the world. And also along with the ideas you will know which one you can afford and their sources to visit.

Traditional Style Masehri Design

In Pakistan , there are some traditional ways that are common among us. Such traditional ways of celebrations, either weddings, festivals, or anything unites us.

Masehri design is one of those things that are very similar in Pakistan and in many regions of Asia.

red roses bed masehri design

In Pakistan, the traditional wedding room decoration always goes with red roses, a good set of bed sheets, and a necessary hint of red color.

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Modern Bridal Masehri Design

Due to social media, the people of Pakistan are influenced by Western culture.

Sometimes, it is beneficial and sometimes it is not. Going for the modern wedding room decor, many people from Pakistan and other parts of the world choose to go for something simple, yet something which will be a nostalgic memory for their whole life.

net masehri design

A wedding is a really important part of one’s life and one can do anything possible to make good wedding room decorations. Depending upon the fact that modern bridal room designs are simple but really beautiful. You can just imagine it if you were given an example of a woodland fairy cottage.

Something that can only be fantasized but in reality, it can also be implemented in the best way possible.  In modern bed masehri designs people go for flower wedding room decorations or something to do with lights and candles.

Room with Flower Canopy and Garlands

Flower canopy and flower decorations are mostly the most part of bridal room decor.

They give a hint of love to the respective partners. Moreover, flowers are considered worldwide one of the best sources to express your love.

masehri design simple in pakistan

So, decorating your whole room in the form of a canopy and garlands with the favorite flowers for your loved one makes the other person contented and in comfort in your presence.

Masehri Design With Lights and Candles

Lights and especially candles ,they have their own role in setting up a whole beautiful romantic atmosphere around.

Besides, only flower room decor, candles, and lights are just fantastic options to go for masehri design. It is simple and yet beautiful.

 flower wedding room decoration

Classical Masehri Set-up

Classical masehri setups are mostly regal and royal looking.  They are a fine example of elegance and simplicity.

They indeed are one of those which are not made according to traditional guides or modern guides.

One of the most renowned classical masehri designs is a net masehri design, which has either net curtains, a canopy, or net covers.

grey elegant masehri design

Classical masheri designs carry expensive and elite pieces all around mostly. Another best example of classical design is a simple canopy of net cloth on the bed with some lights. These classical set-ups are one of the best-executed forms of bed masehri designs.

This has everything but if one goes to look at the wedding decorations in this picture they have nothing. 

Cost and References of Masehri Design

There are many online pages and websites which offer you Masheri setups. You can just book according to your will ranging from 6000 to 30,000 and even some exceed to1000000(1lac). Depending upon your financial status you can choose whatever design you want to. Moreover, some websites offer Masehri at reasonable prices and even on rent like Decor Plants and Home Sweet Home Interior.

So, you can go for any design according to your convenience which is most important.


You can easily find the best ideas for wedding room decorations here. Doesn’t matter flower wedding room decor, net masehri designs or garlands, or simple masehri designs. 

The reason behind mentioning these things was to make you all realize that you can enjoy without being so cliché all the time. Luckily, in the above article, you can get every possible idea for masehri design in every possible range and in every possible way you want it to look like.

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