Messi & Co Take 70% Wage Cut to Help FC Barcelona During Coronavirus Outbreak

Barcelona players decide to take 70% wage cut.

Sport leagues throughout Europe remain suspended amid the coronavirus outbreak. The La Liga, English Premier League, Bundesliga, Seria A and Ligue 1 are among the suspended leagues. While this is done to comply with isolation directives issued by their respective government, it led to one issue after the other.

What happens if the leagues cannot resume? Will teams be relegated or promoted? What happens to the teams who are well on their way to winning the league (e.g. Liverpool)? Likewise, there are leagues where the top 2 or 4 teams are neck to neck (FC Barcelona & Real Madrid). Some have called for the entire season to be declared null & void.

Others argue that the season must continue once the coronavirus threat subsides. On the other hand, there are also that say the season must be considered completed. The top must be declared the winner. However, these are not the only problems plaguing the footballing world. If there are no football matches being played, clubs are not making any money.

What Other Clubs Have Done

If the club is not earning money (from ticket matches, ad revenue, TV deals or otherwise), how can it pay the players & staff their salaries. This is a major issue. But players & their clubs have shown maturity. The Juventus players & manager have decided to forgo €90 million to help the Club ride over this crisis.

This is equivalent to four months of wages. Cristiano Ronaldo, a top earner, is nearly foregoing €10 million. In a statement, the Club said,

“Should the current season’s matches be rescheduled, the club will negotiate in good faith with the players and the coach conditional increases of compensations according to the actual resumption and finalization of official competitions”.

Three Juventus players, Blaise Matuidi, Daniele Rugani and Paulo Dybala have already tested positive for Covid-19. Spanish Club, Valencia have already said that about 35% staff & players have tested positive for coronavirus. Paulo Dybala claimed that he was struggling for breath, one of the common symptoms of coronavirus. Others are already self-isolating.

FC Barcelona, Messi & the Curious Case of False Reports

A few days ago, it was reported by various newspapers that FC Barcelona players have refused to take a wage cut. Instead, it was said that the players have criticized the club management for bringing unwanted players to the Camp Nou. These ill-advised transfers surely have affected FC Barca. But it appears that these rumours are nothing but lies. Taking the charge, Barcelona’s top player, Lionel Messi, issued a statement on Instagram.

Messi announces that Barcelona players have taken a 70% wage cut.

FC Barcelona players take a wage cut.

Messi Criticizes Elements within FC Barcelona

Leo Messi, addressing the rumours, said that the players have always been ready to take a wage cut to help the Club & employees through this period. He criticized certain elements within the Club who he claimed were pressuring the players to do something they were going to do anyways. Moreover, the Barcelona talisman said that they did not issue a statement earlier because they were working with the club to work out a practical solution.

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