Why You Must Enable SSL on Your Website for Better UX

Your website must be HTTPS/SSL enabled for better user experience.

Every passing day, we come across news of website hacking, identity theft, credit card fraud & other similar things. Still, we fail to take precautions. We browse websites & then enter our credit card information without checking the site’s security status. It is something which we need to take precautions against.

There are websites which may appear authentic, but they are not. They are built just for stealing your information. Afterwards they sell it to the highest bidder who use the stolen information for their own benefit. From a business point of view, website security has become increasingly important.

With your customers entering their personal information, you need to assure them that their information is safe. In today’s world, safety means better user experience. There are many ways to do this. You can hire a security expert that scans your website for vulnerabilities & then removes them. Likewise, you can opt for a custom admin path & stronger passwords.

But the focus of this article is not on any of these things. Today, we will be discussing HTTPS / SSL enabled websites.

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