Qualities A Web Designer Must Have

We are living in caves if we still think web designers are only about designing attractive web pages. Time has changed, and so does the roles and responsibilities of a web designer. Keep reading to know what makes a good Web Designer.

A web designer is not only responsible for showing his creative art through web pages, but he/she should also exhibit a deeper business knowledge. Doesn’t sound easy right? Well, it isn’t. There are many aspects to consider when taking a web experience in accounts, such as customer requirements, business constraints, team support, as well as user feedback and satisfaction.

However, this doesn’t mean you make a few tweaks to your existing design, which is a common practice found in web designers. A good web designer always considers a new project as a whole new venture.

What are some fundamental web designer qualities?

Knowledge about SEO

Apart from fulfilling the customer’s requirements, the main purpose of creating a website is to rank it at the top on search engines. You obviously want your business to steal some spotlight when people search for related keywords.

All that is possible through SEO only. Yes, you got it right. A web designer must have a keen understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That includes how clean your website is coded and how carefully your meta tags and descriptions are created.

Furthermore, the designer should also focus on the load time of the website and how it impacts SEO overall. The animations, amount of colors, and every movement on the website should be designed in such a way that it aids the loading time, not the other way around.

Communication is the key to success

A web designer should adhere to basic communication traits. That means he/she should be a good communicator when it comes to conveying messages to the client as well as team members.

Most of the times, clients do not belong to technical background and hence aren’t aware of related terms. Therefore, it is a designer’s duty to make the client feel comfortable when it comes to an understanding of his language. In addition to that, a web designer should keep customers posted through regular meetings and gain their feedback to work accordingly.

When it comes to interacting with the support team, web designers have a huge responsibility on their shoulders to articulate the ideas as well as changes in the scope of the project.

Websites aren’t a few hours tasks. They require prior planning and vision to implement it correctly. Therefore, only better communication skills can make you reach your goals.

Expertise in Designing Principles

Even if you possess all extra supporting traits, but if you aren’t good at what you are actually supposed to do (I mean designing, obviously) you aren’t a designer at all.

The reason why people still look for a qualified designer rather than some online nerd who learned a crash course (no offence though) is because a qualified designer is aware of how a clean bug-free product looks like. It is necessary to possess fundamental programming skills and techniques to construct a website, and these skills aren’t inherited; they are to be learned.

Accurate Content Publishing

You would be surprised to know that there are still existing websites that suffer at the hands of poor content. A designer doesn’t incorporate content on web pages that has incorrect information, irrelevancy to the subject or useless hyperlinks. So, this shouldn’t be some tough brainer; a web designer is supposed to make web pages lively through content that is accurate, relevant, and useful for the readers or visitors on the website.


This is something that every designer or programmer is taught at the basic level that is the ability to think bigger and come to an appropriate solution.

Website creation is a vast project, and facing problems is quite obvious and is considered a part of the process. However, that doesn’t mean you find easier yet not such a reliable solution. The best web designers hold a trait of critical problem solving rather than finding shortcuts and alternatives.

Creative Risk Taker

“How are you supposed to know when you don’t even have the guts to do it?” Yes, when it comes to web designing, you can’t use previous designs to your current projects. And, that takes constant experimenting.

Each project should be created from the basic tier as it is new along with innovative UI and graphic designs. It is one of the many qualities of a good designer to portray his or her creativity through his unique designs. A designer shouldn’t hesitate trying something new as it is their part of the job.

Better Understanding of Target Audience

Websites are made to hold domain name globally and are accessible by everyone. However, this doesn’t mean the whole world is counted as your target audience.

Target audience is the category of people that will be most interested in your website or product and services displayed on the website. Therefore, it is important for a designer to have prior knowledge about which audience is your customer trying to attract.

Once you are done analyzing that, create a website accordingly. For example, a website for nursery rhymes should have a brighter color scheme and appealing interface.
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