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Plans For Celebrating 14 August In Pakistan

Plans for celebrating 14 August

14 August i.e. Independence Day holds a special place in the history of Pakistan. In fact, no matter in which country you live in, independence day is important for every patriotic citizen. This year on 14 August, Pakistan will celebrate its 72 years of independence. Whether you are a child or grown-up, we have amazing ideas and plans to make 14 August memorable.

Why Should We Celebrate 14 August?

The important thing about the independence of Pakistan is that it wasn’t handed over to us in a gold plate. Instead, our ancestors had to give up on their lives to gain independence. Every year we celebrate independence day to pay tribute to the memory of our soldiers and martyrs.

Moreover, it is important for us to make our new generation a true patriot. Well, the first step in filling their hearts with patriotism is to celebrate 14 August with enthusiasm. Brutalities against Muslims in India, especially in Kashmir truly show the value of an independent Muslim state.

Plan a Party

No matter whether it is your birthday, Eid, or Independence day, throwing a party is the best way to celebrate any occasion. Invite your friends, decorate your house with them and enjoy a good meal. If you do not want to fuss in your home, then you can go out with your family to have dinner or some park. Restaurants and parks are specifically decorated on 14 August.

Dress Code

Whether you are planning to go on any function or not, it is always nice to dress up for independence day. Some people go too far when it comes to theme dress up. If you do not want to look absurd, go with a simple dressing. Girls can wear their traditional white Shalwar kameez with an elegant green colored dupatta.

Wear simple shoes or traditional Khussa. It is a good idea to wear some green colored accessories. Same dress code applies for men. They can go with their traditional white Shalwar Kameez. Do not forget to wear your Pakistani-flag badge.


Whether you are planning to decorate your home, school, and college, our ideas will be beneficial for you.

  • Set the theme of the party as Green and White
  • Cover all the tables with white pieces of clothes. Set Dark Green colored napkins on the table
  • If the function is at night, then do not forget to add lightening. Go for white and green colored lights instead of multi colors
  • Complete the rest of your decoration with green or white balloons and Pakistani flags
  • Use pennant paper flags for decoration as they are inexpensive
  • Hang a giant flag at the entrance

School and College Functions

The independence day functions at school and colleges are really entertaining. You will learn a lot from these functions. Educational institutions arrange exclusive game shows, quiz competitions, and debates on the independence day. If you have a chance to participate in such contests, then do not miss it.

We hope that the plans we shared will help you in celebrating 14 August will joy and enthusiasm. Happy Independence Day to all. Cherish your freedom!

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