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Here’s Why You Should Think Twice Before Keying A Tesla

Tesla's motion sensor cameras were able to pick up a woman who was keying the car.

Some people just cannot appreciate the hard work of others. They are just outright jealous. Take the case of an Australian woman who just keyed a $110,000 Tesla. The car was peacefully parked at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Penrith, Sydney. It was not wrongly parked nor blocking another car. Despite it, a woman seemed to have some problem with it.

While walking by it, she keyed the side of the car. Unfortunately for the woman, Tesla’s motion sensor cameras were able to pick up her movement and record the whole act. The woman seemed to normally walk past the side of the car with a key in hand. Thanks to the cameras, we know exactly what she was up to.

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Source: Darren Pearce (Facebook)

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Australia, the owner of the Tesla said that it hardly took 5 minutes to know what had happened. Darren Pearce, owner, says that he was absolutely distraught when he saw his car. The video, shared almost 5,000 times, helped to identify the culprit. The New South Wales Police are also investigating the incident.

A picture of the damage on the Tesla.
A picture of the damage.

Let’s just hope that the police are able to catch the culprit before she damages another car. A Tesla car’s price is certainly not within the reach of everyone. Despite the hefty price tag, Mr Pearce was just ‘a little upset’ after seeing the damage. Hopefully, after catching the woman, he can seek damages.

People generally accuse Tesla’s of having too many features which serve no real purpose. However, while motion sensor cameras might seem extra but they were the difference here. Let’s just hope that Elon Musk continues to add more similar features in new Tesla cars.


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