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Sapphire Introduces Eco-Friendly Canvas Bag

Sapphire introduces eco-friendly canvas bags to protect the environment.

One of the leading fashion houses of Pakistan, Sapphire Retail Limited, launches an environment friendly canvas bag. These bags are environmentally friendly and quite affordable. Sapphire is introducing these canvas bags as part of their Independence Day campaign. And customers can buy these latest Sapphire products through outlets for a limited duration of time.

Sapphire’s History of Innovation

In the last Independence Day campaign of the brand, they introduced biodegradable shopping bags. Those bags are embedded with seeds, which would be planted into the ground to grow trees. The campaign of this year kicked off in the market during Ramadan. They have sold around 10,000 canvas bags in Lahore’s “Ramzan Bachat Bazaar.”

Features of the Bag

The design of the bag is that it can hold up to 3 kg weight. Hence, these bags serve various purposes. The purpose for starting this campaign is to step towards changing the stereotype of using plastic bags or paper bags. Moreover, Sapphire wants to motivate consumers to buy these bags and reuse them in their routine life.

According to their official statement, Pakistan is suffering from excessive deforestation and environmental degradation. Hence, as a brand, Sapphire has taken a step to play its role by replacing paper bags and tackling waste.

Furthermore, the brand also launches a capsule collection. The proceeds of this go to a massive drive of tree plantation. All such initiatives are part of their bigger campaign “Little by Little”. The sole purpose is to create awareness among people regarding several environmental problems.

Moreover, another purpose is to motivate customers to take some responsible decision while purchasing products that will eventually be profitable for our country Pakistan.

In addition to this, Sapphire canvas bag is made from leftover fabric pieces. The pieces come from Sapphire’s textile mills. After shredding the pieces, they convert them into canvas bags.

Sapphire has plans to make these environment-friendly canvas bags as a regular feature in the long run. They are organizing and planning to make it a permanent product available at all of their outlets. Customers will receive their products in canvas bags rather than plastic bags.

Final Thoughts

This initiative deserves all the appreciation that it can get. It is an excellent way to get rid of the risks of using plastic. The use of Sapphire canvas bags and similar products need to be promoted at all forums.

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