Tips for How to Stay Safe from Smog

Smog is dangerous.

We aren’t new to pollution. We humans have polluted everything we could get our hands on. Until now, it was the animals or marine life which were suffering the brunt of our actions. Now, the tables have turned. We are now starting to reap the rotten fruits of our ill planted seeds. We are experiencing smog (fog and smoke) like never before.

The air quality in cities like Lahore, Beijing and Delhi makes even breathing quite difficult. Not to mention the burning in our eyes and the respiratory problems. There is no doubt that smog is responsible for a rise in cases pertaining to eye infections and respiratory problems among various others. Governments have failed to protect their citizens and citizens have failed to protect each other from it.

Hopefully, it is not too late. This article will enlighten you to take measures through which you can stay safe from smog (at least to an extent).

Few Simple Tips To Stay Safe In Smog Conditions

Use Indoor Filter System

If you live in an area where experiencing smog is a day to day thing, buying an air purifier is worth an investment. An air purifier can reduce the indoor air pollutants keeping you and your family safe. The filters in air purifiers remove allergens like dust, smoke, pollens, chemicals, etc. In this way, you’ll be safe in your home from the hazardous smog existing outside.

Don’t Visit Congested Areas

Avoid going to congested areas, seaports, or airports where there’s a high level of pollutants. Similarly, avoid areas where the air quality index is high. In such cases, it is better to keep your windows closed.

Use Face Masks

As you can’t control the pollutants outside your home, you can take a few basic safety measures such as usage of face masks. Face masks block the harmful gases to enter your respiratory system that can further lead to health hazards.

use facemask to protect against smog


Since pollutants are everywhere, detoxification is fairly important. Most people are unaware of how you can do this. Jaggery is one of the products (made of cane sugar) to get rid of pollutants from the lungs. Jaggery is also called Gur in Asian countries. It can be consumed raw or as an ingredient in the dishes you have on your menu.

Avoid Exercising in Polluted Areas

Exercising is amazing but smog can really make it unhealthy. What you can do is exercise at times when there’s less smoke outside. Early mornings or late evenings can be quite beneficial for you. Smog is usually higher in late mornings. During cardio workouts, there’s a chance of inhaling more pollutants in your lungs. This is especially recommended if you have allergic coughs or other breathing problems, which might make the situation worse for you.

Hydration Is The Key

Another way of detoxifying your body can be by consuming loads of water. Juices and water can easily flush out pollutants from your body, keeping you safe and healthy. Furthermore, for some extra detoxifying, you can also take herbal teas with tulsi and ginger, as it is the best cleanser for your body!

Keep a Healthy Surrounding

We can’t stress more about the benefits of planting trees and how they affect our surroundings. Trees play a significant role in keeping the pollutants at bay and making the air breathable. There are many easily grown plants such as aloe vera, money plant, Ivy, etc. that can be planted outdoors as well indoors. Moreover, avoid going to industrial areas in winter as the level of smog is high in those areas, especially in colder weather.

Take Your Diet in Consideration

Smog makes you prone to many infections. Therefore, it is recommended to add detoxifying foods to your diet. Take foods that are enriched with Vitamin C, omega Fatty acids, and magnesium to stay healthy. Furthermore, taking fruits, beans, and nuts are also considered healthy in such situations.

Raise Awareness

The last thing to do is to spread your word! Spreading awareness about smog and the health hazards it comes with can also make a big difference. Start from your neighborhood by asking them to use carpools and avoid the burning crackers as well as stop generating waste. Obviously, charity begins at home! Therefore, instead of engaging in a blame game like Minister of Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, take action!

Fawad Chaudhry explains causes of smog.
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