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Hocane Sisters “Junk Food Causes Depression”

Hocane sisters bizarrely claim that junk food causes depression.

Mental illness is usually misinterpreted in most parts of the globe. Even now, many individuals assume on their own, that what is the cause of depression in people, and their assumptions are usually wrong. And recently, it’s none other than Urwa and Mawra Hocane who have taken a tall leap in terms of causes of depression and anxiety.

It seems that even the educated celebrities that have access to powerful platforms can’t refrain themselves from spreading false information. Recently, in a TV show, Hocane sisters connected depression with junk food. Does one wonder if they mistakenly confused depression with obesity?

Hocane Sisters & Junk Food & Depression? – Here’s What Happened

A new day with a new ill-formed statement given by local actors. In a recent episode of morning show by Nida Yasir, the Hocane sisters, Mawra and Urwa, in their recent appearance were advertising their clothing brand U X M.

All was well until the host of the show started discussing depression and mental health. The clip which went viral, the Hocane sisters were sharing how the mental health of a person is impacted by ‘what kind of food people are adding inside their system.’

In that clip that is making rounds on different social media sites, it’s clear that according to them, depression is only due to diet. There’s no other reason.” Urwa gave a blanket statement further on that: “These days, there are several different issues, we hear from someone that they have mental disease or depression, all this is due to food! There is no more reason for depression.”

Mental Illness Is No Joke

It’s now time for our celebrities to get themselves educated about mental health and depression. It’s not fine to trivialize such a critical problem. While all have an agreement that consuming a well-balanced diet is significant for self-care.

However, it is irresponsible to state that diet is the ONLY factor which is resulting in mood disorders and mental illnesses such as depression. Mostly, it’s not under your control, not eating or not eating healthy is usually even the symptoms of mental disorders like depression.

Also, not everyone has sources to eat Avocado ka halwa, if you got the point. Mental ailments are critical issues, so one should consult medical professional rather than taking advice from someone to turn to healthy food, etc.

As endorsed by the research of Harvard Medical School, there are some reasons behind depression. These include genetic vulnerability, mood swings by the brain, side-effects of medicines such as those of birth control pills, or stressful life events.

Hocane Sisters Defend Their Stance

Since then, Mawra elaborated this matter on Instagram by defending his statement via screenshot of Google that said, if you are eating lots of pastries, candies, refined cereals, fried food, processed meat, and fatty products, you are more likely to be depressed and anxious.

Hocane Sisters defend their stance on fast food causes depression.

Well, it seems she entirely missed that point. Let’s hope that our actors and celebrities will learn to admit their own mistakes, recognize their privilege and influence, and do amendments accordingly. While junk food must be avoided, associating it with depression is bizarre and the Hocane sisters need to admit their mistake.


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