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Top Things to Do in Multan On Your Next Visit

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Multan is one of the oldest cities in Pakistan, famously known as Madina Tul Auliya(city of saints). It is located on the bank of river Chenab, which is why it is an agricultural city, the best cotton-producing city in Pakistan. It is rich in history and diverse in culture one can resist the wonders of this city. If you are coming to Multan for the first time, then you might be thinking about things to do in Multan. We have brought you the list of the best Multan tourist places to enjoy this historical city.

Let’s explore with us:

What is Multan famous for?

It is a major city in Pakistan that has many specialties.

  • Shrines of famous saints
  • Historical monuments
  • Multan embroidery dresses
  • Blue pottery and handicrafts of camel skin.
  • Mangoes
  • Sweets
  • Street food (dahi bhalla,samosay and gol gappay)
  • Food street

Now we will let you know in detail the wonders of Multan which will help you to discover the best of this city

Shrines in Multan

Whenever you enter Multan city, one board welcomes you with a written welcome to Madina Tul Auliya, the city of saints. It was under the Hindu dynasty for a long time. Then, after the conquest of Mohammad Bin Qasim, many Sufis and saints came to Multan to preach the teachings of Islam. The role of these saints is remarkable in the history of Islam.

Tomb of Shah Rukn e Alam

Shah Rukn e Alam was a great Sufi saint in the 14th century. His services for Islam are remarkable. The tomb of Shah Rukh e Alam is the recognition of is the beautiful architecture of the Tughluq is the most impressive tomb in South Asia.

It is located at a height. The city is a cup-shaped city surrounded by shrines and the river Chenab on the other. People from all over Pakistan love to visit this shrine and greatly respect Shah Rukh e Alam. This tomb is one of the best places to visit.

Mausoleum of Bahaudin Zikriya

Hazrat Bahaudin Zikria was a famous saint of the 14th century. He was the grandfather of Hazrat Shah Rukhne Alam. Both shrines are located side by side.

People across the country visit Multan to show their love and respect for Hazrat Bahaudin Zikria. A famous university in Multan, Bahauddin Zakariya University, is named after this great Sufi saint.

Shrine of Shah Shamsudin

Shrine of Shah Shamsudin

Shah Shamsudin is another famous saint of the early 15th century. The people narrate a fascinating story about the miracle of Hazrat Shah Shamsudin. It is said that once the city did not very hot weather. Shah Shamsudin wanted to cook something and asked for fire from the locals. All refused, so he asked for help from Allah almighty. Allah answered his request by sending the sun so near that he cooked his meal in sun heat. From that day onwards, it was the hottest city in Pakistan.

Sounds interesting? Many people gather at the shrine of Shah Shamsudin and show their respect. Visiting these holy shrines is among the best things to do in Multan.

Historical Monuments

Mohammad bin Qasim, when he invaded here, called Multan “a city of gold” because of its grandeur, prominent temples, and vast agricultural fields. Being the oldest city, you will find many historical sites. Though these sites are ancient, they are maintained well by authorities.

Multan Fort

Multan Fort

Multan Fort is situated in the center of the city. A panoramic view of the City can be seen from the highest point in the fort. If you are thinking of any night activity at night, then the best thing to do in Multan at night is to visit Fort and watch the beautiful night view of the city.

Attractions Inside


The Damdama is a big building, the highest part of the fort. It was used as a watch tower/gunnery in the British era. This building is now transformed into a museum where you will enjoy the cultural glimpses and history of the City.

Barood Khana / Nigar Khana 

Barood Khana of Fort Kohna was used as a storehouse of gunpowder and weapons. The British badly damaged it during the siege of Multan in 1848. The Pakistani government converted it into a Nigar Khana or art house for selling handicrafts. You will love to buy the beautiful handicrafts of camel skin, which are the specialty of Multan.


As Multan was a walled city, it had many gates. Every gate has its beauty and significance.

If you want to discover the old city, then visit these gates.

Famous gates are:

  • Doulat gate
  • Bohar gate
  • Dehli gate

These places are very rushed and congested.

Fun and Shopping Places

River Chenab

Isn’t it a sweet dream to spend the evening sitting on a river bank with a cup of tea and a loving companion by your side? You can surely fulfill this dream. River Chenab is the best place to visit in Multan. You will enjoy beautiful, calm rivers, camel rides, boating, and delicious fish at Chenab Park.

Chaman Zar Askari

Chaman Zar Askari, famously known as Jheel Park, is the most entertaining amusement park in is located on cantt premises so it is very clean and secure. You will love adventurous rides, zipline, and VR games. You must visit this park if you are coming with your family. You will love this place.

You can’t visit Multan and not go shopping. Beautifully embroidered clothes, traditional shoes, and handicrafts will cast a spell on you; you cannot turn down this magic.

Hussain Agahi Bazar Multan

It is the oldest and most famous bazaar here. Suppose you are looking for the best bridal dresses and party wear. Traditional Multani embroidery suits, then Hussian again bazar is the right place for you. You will find a variety of clothes, crockery, and bedsheets at a very reasonable price. So mark this bazaar in the list of Multan tourist places and shop for you and your dear ones.

Gardezi Market Multan

Gardezi Market Multan

Another big market is the gardening market, which is not only famous for its variety of clothes and shoes and a food hub of the city. From fast food to desi items, you will enjoy everything here. Buying blue pottery items and camel skin handicrafts is the best thing to do in Multan. In Gardezi market, you will find many shops to buy beautiful handicrafts to add elegance to your sweet home.

Mall of Multan

Are you searching for all brands and food courts under one roof? The Malls are the best place to visit in Multan. You will enjoy your shopping and food at the best food court in town. The play area for kids is quite entertaining.

Food Places

Food is rich in taste. Either sweet or savory, all are treated for you.

Food Street

Tawa Chicken

The Food Street at Daulat Gate Multan serves the most delicious and fantastic food. Tawa chicken and tawa fish are a specialty of Daulat Gate food street. A fantastic blend of spices and taste will enhance your appetite. Once you eat here, you’ll never forget its tasteā€¦.cautious of spices.

Street Food/Snacks

No other city can match the taste of the street food of Multan. You will love spicy dahi, Bhalla,golgappa, and crispy samosas in gol bagh and MDA Chowk Multan.


If you are visiting for the first time, list ten things to do in Multan, and on the top, mention the yummy Sohan halwa of Multan. I bet the taste of Multani sohan halwa is unbeatable. Many shops here sell sohan halwa, but the best among all is Rewari sweets hussain agahi. You will find many other halwa in Rewari sweets like badam ka halwa and kaju halwa.

Rabri Milk

Drink excellent and nutritious Rabri milk with whole nuts from the shops near river Chenab.

Summer Fruits


mangoes in a dish

Multan is called the mango city of Pakistan. The city produces the best mangoes in the world, which are delicious and unique. So buy mangoes in bulk for you and your loved ones at pocket-friendly rates and spread sweetness around.

Sum Up

Multan is a beautiful combo of traditional and modernism. To discover the whole city in less time is quite tricky, but by making a list of the top ten things to do in Multan, you can easily plan your trip. So tie up your laces and explore this majestic and historical city where people are as soft as cotton and as sweet as mangoes.


How’s the weather in Multan in winter?

Winters are moderate, not severe like upper Punjab

Is any public convenience available here to explore the city?

Yes, you can explore the city on local transport like the metro and Speedo

Is there a difference in the rate of mangoes in Multan from other cities?

Yes, the rate of mangoes is half that of other cities in Pakistan.

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