Too Much Love Can Get You A Divorce

News from around the world never fails to impress or amaze us. If one is going through a rough time or wants to have a good laugh, turn on your laptop and kickstart Google.

I assure you that you will soon forget about everything else and find yourself browsing through some of the most bizarre and weird stories.

The latest news comes from the UAE. It does not involve exotic pets, or a sheikh’s over the top spending or high-end cars. This news involves a couple.

Unfortunately, we do not know whether to be surprised or feel sad for the couple, but we leave it to you to decide. A woman has filed for divorce from her husband.

Usually, the reason for divorce is that the husband cheated or was too harsh. However, this time, the reason is truly bizarre. The woman filed for divorce because the husband was TOO LOVING!

Folks, this is not a typo! I repeat this is not a typo! A woman in the UAE indeed filed for divorce because the husband showered too much love on her.

The Woman’s Stance

The woman claimed that the husband helped her in household chores, cooked meals for her an even cleaned the house from time to time (talk about being ungrateful).

The woman claimed that she also made fun of her husband’s weight and asked him to get toned. Instead of arguing, the husband adopted a strict diet and exercised regularly. He even fractured his leg in the process!

Too Much Love Can Get You Divorced

Unfortunately, the woman said she does not want this kind of love. She wants a relationship which involves some sort of argument in her life and not a life full of love. She even went on to say that she tried to create disputes on purpose, but the husband forgave her always. Moreover, he showered her with gifts whenever this happened.

What Is the Husband Saying?

The husband is as perplexed as we are. He says that despite the advice of friends and family, he always did everything for his wife. He never spoke to her in a harsh tone and always fulfilled all her wishes. He was surprised by the wife’s actions and asked the court to give them time to resolve the dispute.

Luckily, the court has decided to adjourn the case and gave the couple time to resolve their issues. We are hoping that there are no more such divorce cases in the UAE or elsewhere.
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