Wife Kills Husband After He Refused to Have Another Child


Just recently, we saw the case of a woman seeking a divorce from her husband because he showered her with too much love. This new story is equally surprising but disheartening as the previous one. In the latest news from the married world, a wife kills her husband.

The wife repeatedly stabbed her husband causing his death. The reason behind the insane act? The husband refused to have another child.

While this news might generate a tonne of laughs and memes (the society is full of sick minded people), it is nothing but appalling. As humans, we are heading towards new lows every day. And this story confirms it!

The story is from India, where Pranali Kadam, aged 33, killed her husband after he refused to have another child. The husband felt that two children, both daughters, were enough and that they did not need a 3rd child.

However, Pranali wanted a son, and she kept insisting on her husband to try again. However, the husband refused to change his stance. In a fit of anger, the woman stabbed her husband 11 times (she sure had anger issues) at 5:30 am on Wednesday. When the police were called, the woman claimed that the husband hurt himself.

Luckily, the police refused to accept this version of her story. Previously, she even claimed that the husband was having an affair with a co-worker. The changes in her statement aroused the suspicion of the police. Upon further interrogation, she admitted to her heinous crime.

Let us hope that there are no further cases where a wife kills her husband or a husband kills his wife. Instead, let us hope there is no senseless killing!
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