8 Million Users Warned Over Google Android Adware

Over the past few weeks, Google Android Adware has been the talk of the town. Around 8 million android users have been issued a warning about some of the most famous applications.

These applications are adware ridden. They have been posing as legit services. Most of them are from the photography and gaming categories. The worst part is that the total netted downloads of these apps have crossed a figure of 8 million.

What’s An Adware?

For those who don’t know, adware is a type of malware that hides on your device. Once you download it, it starts sending you unwanted advertisements on your phone without your permission.

These apps make millions in return by spamming you with adverts. If you’ve downloaded any one of them, it’s high time for you to delete them and get rid of this malware as soon as possible.

According to Ecular Xu, mobile threat response engineer at Trend Micro, apart from showing unwanted advertisements on your phone (that are hard to close), these applications even evade the detection on your phones using triggers that are time-based and user behavior.

Detecting Apps with Google Android Adware

The easiest way to detect these apps on your phone is to look for a shortcut. Yes, you read that, right! These apps create a shortcut on your home screen, right after you install them. This happens so that you can’t uninstall that particular app by dragging and dropping it in the bin. The shortcut created is quite problematic.

These applications can actually turn your phone into a total disaster so the sooner you get rid of them, the better it is for you and your phone. It’s not only unnecessary and forced advertisement that’s irritating, in fact, but you’ll also even experience quick battery drainage with these malicious apps.

So, if you find that your Android’s battery isn’t lasting long and if there are continuous ads and if your phone stucks again and again then know that it’s not the phone that’s causing the problem, in fact, it’s the malicious content in it.

How Google Android Adware Affects Your Phone’s Performance?

This issue is so serious that Google has literally removed the software from the Play Store. In simpler words, these apps are no longer available on the app store, but those who’ve already downloaded these apps on their phones, the real trouble is for them! These people need to take quick measures to figure out the adware applications on their devices and then uninstall them right away.

These app developers have already earned a lot of money by making a fool out of the 8 million Google Android users. Don’t give them another chance to use you as a money loop and delete the apps as soon as you can.

Final Thoughts

It’s not a security threat to you or your data, but it’s irritating, and it will affect the performance of your phone one way or the other. We hope that the Google Android Adware issue is resolved once and for all.
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