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25 Beautiful Wedding Acrylic Nails Ideas for Bride to Be in 2024

wedding acrylic nails

As a bride-to-be, you are worried about your dress, shoes, venue, and, yes, one more thing: how to tackle some nosy aunties. But among these severe issues, there is something that is living rent-free in your head: “What acrylic nails am I going to have?” So, no worries, I am here to tell you the best wedding acrylic nails ideas.

A wedding and its arrangements are a huge task for the bride’s family, obviously, why wouldn’t it be, after all, everyone wants their wedding to be perfect. But, when the family is busy deciding the theme and venue for the wedding, the bride and her friends have their minds on something else: wedding nails for the bride.

Wedding Acrylic Nails

As a bride-to-be, you want your nails to look astonishing, as the bride’s hands are the center of attraction during the ring ceremony and many photo shoots. Here are the best wedding acrylic nail ideas you will get to know in this article, so keep reading until the end.

25 Beautiful Wedding Acrylic Nails Ideas

Acrylic nails have been known for a long time and are common in a bride’s manicure. So, here are the best acrylic nail ideas you should not miss.

  1. Simple Red Nails

In Pakistan and most of the Southeast Asian countries, it is expected to have simple red acrylic nails to match with the bridal outfit. 

  1. Matte Look

Matte acrylic nails are so in trend nowadays and so versatile. They give such a velvety look to nails and look so elegant. The best Matte nails for the wedding can be red or maroon.

  1. Sparkly Acrylic Look

Glitters and sparkles, who doesn’t like them? Sparkly acrylic nails are one of the best wedding acrylic nails. Bold-colored nail paint with some gold sparkle is the best look you can opt for. Or you can also go for some light pink with silver sparkles.

Sparkly Acrylic Nail Polishes
  1. Dazzling with Stones Wedding Acrylic Nails

Rhinestones, or gemstones, are used when someone wants some elite nail look, and most of the time, dazzling nails at the event of a wedding, which is dazzling in itself, is just perfect. 

Dazzling with Stones Wedding Acrylic Nails
  1. Maroon-Coloured Acrylic Nails

Just like red is a color for wedding nails, maroon color gives some of the best acrylic nails for weddings. Especially maroon with green or gold, these are some of the best combinations. 

  1. Nude-Coloured Nails

Nude colors are so in fashion nowadays. These can be the best wedding acrylic nails for those who don’t want to have bold-coloured looks on their wedding. 

  1. Golden Nails

Golden nails are one of those nail ideas that are like for everyone. You can either go for something dark colored with them or light colored also. And the most amazing thing is these can be worn as golden nails, making them the best suited for all wedding acrylic nails.

  1. Simple Glitter Nails

Sparkles and glitter are so common, but this simple glitter nail trend is now revolving in every country because of Korean actresses. These simple glitter nails appeal to the other person quickly because one is confused about the fact that they can be so natural yet sparkly.

  1. Classy Acrylic Nails

Classy nail designs are found in every category, whether a Nude look, glittery look, Matte look, or another look. It’s just that some people want to have something chic and simple yet attractive.

  1. Ombrè Nails 

Ombrè nail art is like a combination of two colors mixed at some junction. This ombre look is so trendy nowadays as many actresses and celebrities wear it at weddings and events.

Some More Ideas for Wedding Acrylic Nails

  1. French Tip White and Gold Nails

French tip nails are also one of those that are so common and yet trendy nowadays. This is because of their simple look, which many models follow nowadays. And French-tip acrylic nails with gold or white colors are the perfect option for wedding acrylic nails.

  1. French Tip Burgundy and Gold Nails

As I have already mentioned, the French tip is so trendy nowadays and best for wedding nails for brides, so one of the best combinations you can go for is burgundy and golden nails. 

  1. Natural Nails

Some brides want their natural nails with some manicure and nail repair. This manicure and a transparent upper coat on the nails give such a simple look to the nails, which is not so common among brides but suitable for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend on their nails yet want their nails to look in a great form.

  1. Almond Nails

There are many shapes of nails, and almond shape is so familiar when going for wedding acrylic nails. It is a bit pointed on the apex, just like an almond, and the suitable colors you want complement this shape greatly. 

Almond Wedding Acrylic Nails
  1. Square Nails

Square nails are preferred when you are going for simple and small nail acrylic designs. This shape is suitable for formal events and also for weddings, just with good color contrasts.

Square Nails
  1. Tropical Nail Designs

Many celebrities nowadays are having their destination weddings, and by getting influenced by them, people all around also go for this concept like an island or beach wedding. Tropical nails have flowery or leafy patterns, giving refreshing vibes and one of the newest fashions for brides for wedding acrylic nails. 

  1. Short Ballet Coffin

Stiletto-shaped, square-shaped, and many others are in fashion nowadays. This is a ballerina-style acrylic nail design. As a bride-to-be, you can go for some Nude shades or some great Matte shades on this shape, or I would say go according to your theme.

  1. Pearl Designs 

Nails with stones and pearl designs have become trendy as every model or influencer gets them. Pearls give a luxurious look to the nails, which would suit better if brides with white theme go for this.

  1. Metallic Nails

Metallic nails give off a really shiny look to the nails.

  1. Crown or Royal Look

Some people go for regal looks of their nails at weddings, with Traditional patterns or crown drawings. The best color combinations for this look are green and gold or pink and silver.

  1. Black and Gold Nails

Black and golden color is the best combination, and many brides go for this acrylic nail look on their wedding day.

  1. Drop Patterned Nail Art

Drop patterned nail art is so cute looking and beautiful for simple themed wedding parties. 

  1. Simple White Nails

As a busy and procrastinating bride, you can go for simple white nails for your wedding, as it is easy to get plain acrylic nails.

  1. Grey and Black Acrylic Nails

Grey and black acrylic nails are cool to go on your wedding day if you are hunting for some of the best wedding nails for brides. 

Grey and Black Acrylic Nails
  1. Red Chrome Nails

Red-colored nails are best considered all over Southeast Asia, and the Metallic chrome look with red color is just the fantastic look to go for on your wedding.

Red Chrome Nails


Wedding acrylic nails are all over social media nowadays, as every celebrity and influencer comes up with a new look. I know that as a bride, only your mind worries about every single detail of your look on your wedding day, and you don’t want to lack anything on your big day. Hands are essential to look after, and the nails should have a proper design to give the bride’s dress a complete look. You will find all possible designs of your choice in this article.


  • What color is best suited to red and maroon?

The golden color suits the best.

  • What colors best suit silver designs?

Light pink, gray, or any nude shades.

  • Which shape is most trendy for brides?

There is no restriction on this point, but trendy ones are almond-shaped or stiletto-shaped.

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