3 Secret Study Tips to Become a Topper in Class

3 Secret Study Tips to Become a Topper in Class

You see one of the students in the class daily who is appreciated by everyone for his or her brilliant grades. Then you look at your grades, and a huge power stroke of an inferiority complex hits you just because someone is getting good grades. No worries, I have the best solution to make you realize that you don’t need the highest grades in class to shine out, and also some 3 secret study tips that will help you learn but not compete in class.

So here are the best 3 secret study tips that will help you throughout your life and will help you become the topper in your class. And I will try my best to make you know the experiences of many students who have tried their best to become a topper and then they ultimately got tired. So, you will know the pros and cons of becoming a topper. But don’t worry, for every success, you must cross some hurdle, and it’s the same case here.

3 Secret Study Tips to Become a Topper in Class

3 Secret Study Tips Coming From A Topper

First of all, you need to remember that if you want to achieve good grades and the highest position in class, you have to look for many things around you. Like your environment, gathering, resources, way of capturing things, timetable, and many other things. So, here are the best 3 secret study tips for you.

1. Choose a Suitable Environment to Study

Your surroundings and gatherings matter a lot and have an immense effect on you. If talking about surroundings first, then let’s just see where and how the best minds of many students work. The answer is that every student’s mind works individually in different places. What I actually mean to say is that some students need pin-drop silence to focus on their studies, and some even study in a crowd of many people. It just varies from person to person.

The next thing is what sort of gathering you are trying to study. You have seen in most academic institutions that toppers prefer to stay alone to focus on their studies all the time and everywhere. Meanwhile, that’s fine, but on the other hand, if you look closely at their situation and how lonely they are, they just have their good grades on which they rely. If they lose them, they don’t have friends who give them good moral support. On the other hand, if you are someone with many friends who don’t let you study properly, that’s also a warning signal for you that now your friend is becoming a hurdle for you. 

Many minds work great in solitude, but some people just want to study and discuss together while having fun. You just need to think where your mind works best.

Choose a Suitable Environment to Study

2. Hunt for Sources that Help You to Catch Things Faster

Just like your environment and your friends matter for your best study, don’t you think there should be some sources that answer your question about how we study effectively?

Just think of a book with complicated text, black-and-white images, and a really hard, indecipherable sort of language in it. I hope this event gives you shivers, but don’t worry. I have a good solution. We all know that our minds work differently. Some students catch things just as they are written on the board or in any book; some students go for some pictorial sources; for some, their understanding goes for videos that demonstrate a particular topic. Now you need to know which source is helpful for you and help you to concentrate on your studies the best without YAWNING. 

3 Secret Study Tips

3. Try to Balance Academic Life and Extracurricular Activities 

The human brain works best when it is in a healthy state. If you are constantly studying from day to night, your whole routine is just waking up, studying, and then sleeping and eating in between, then how in the world do you think that you are going to get good grades along with that, you are also going to live without complexes. 

Try to Balance Academic Life and Extracurricular Activities 

As a student, I can guarantee that whenever we keep running after studies, our mind is occupied by the thought that “ONLY I SHOULD BE THE FIRST, AS I AM DOING MY LEVEL BEST TO STUDY”.

But unfortunately, the foremost thing that we forget is that many students all around us know how to concentrate on their studies. Also, they are active participants in other activities. You need to go for some activity other than studies so that your mind gets some time to breathe, like sports, speech, arts and crafts, and many other things you think you are good at.

Alongside these 3 secret study tips, I have some more study tips for students that you will like as they will help you to become a topper in class but with no burden. 

Try to concentrate as much as possible in class and attend all the necessary lectures and classes. I am not saying your attendance doesn’t matter, but being present in class daily can be a game changer because you can understand all the concepts in class and ask the professor for any queries you have in mind. Additionally, never overburden yourself, as the outcome of it will ultimately break your hopes and heart.


There is a vast difference between studying and learning. If your goal is just to become a topper and not learn, then your intentions would give you a downfall. But if you have good intentions to learn and spread that knowledge, my friend, you have already excelled.

Many students around me struggle with depression and anxiety just because of competitions going on in class to become a topper. I have mentioned the best 3 secret study tips for you to become a topper, but I also want to tell you that never pressure yourself just to become a topper. Remember, “KEEP ON LEARNING” rather than thinking about how you would beat this or that person in these exams.


  1. How do you not become a victim of an inferiority complex?

Just try to do a self-awareness test yourself, and keep telling yourself that I am sent into this world for a purpose. Precisely try to tackle those people who are making you a victim of an inferiority complex.

  1. Is it essential to become a topper to excel in life?

No. You can see many great people in history who excelled in their lives and were not even close to being a topper.

  1. Is it right to call academic rivalries a healthy competition?

No, not at all. In the name of healthy competition, many students have lost their lives just because of jealousy and envy with other students. Never bring competition in any field of study.

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