Judge Frank Caprio Is Now Viral In Pakistan

Have you ever thought that a judge of 80 years age can make a viral video? But, somehow Frank Caprio, a Municipal Court Judge in USA has been getting attention and winning the hearts of people. He is famous for his humor and compassion towards people who find themselves in the judge’s court.

The Judge hears cases related to driving offences, and arraignments for different criminal offences. According to Judge Frank Caprio, the reason behind his popularity is that people are losing faith in the judicial system. The judicial system is unnecessarily harsh and does not consider a person’s personal situations while handing out sentences.

Caught in Providence

The Judge says that his father is the reason behind his compassionate views. His father migrated from Italy, and sold fruit. Later, he began selling milk. His father paid milk bills for those who could not afford to so. It came at a time, when they too were living with limited resources for their own use.

Caprio once taught History to high school for supporting himself as he was studying law in night shift from Boston’s Suffolk University. After completing a Law Degree, he joined the Municipal Court as a part-time judge during the year 1985.

He usually hears non-criminal cases. After a few years, Joe, his brother started to document court proceedings. The proceedings are aired under a show “Caught in Providence”. The program is aired locally. However, the fame of Caprio took off when last year his clips started appearing on social media sites such as Facebook. The production company of Joe posted these clips.

His latest video that catches the attention of us Pakistanis is his dealing with a Pakistani student. Ama Salman, a Pakistani student, had received three parking tickets. Ama shared that he has been living in the USA from the past three years. At the time of the hearing, he was too nervous.

He spoke, “a lot of people in Pakistan love to watch your videos.” In response to this statement, Caprio replied jokingly: “oh, so you are planning to butter me up?” Caprio was polite while talking with Ama throughout the proceedings.

Judge Frank Caprio Pays the Fine

Moreover, Ama’s fine is now paid in full from funds that were given by a family to help someone needy. In the end, he wished Ama the best wishes for his future life in the USA. Also he hoped that someday he would have a family and get his life settled in the USA. He also invited him to dinner with him.

Last Thoughts

Justice is a public service. It should be accessible by all. Unfortunately, the brunt of the broken judicial system is borne by the not so mighty souls. But this is not the case in Frank’s Providence Court. Caprio is working as an agent of justice in a society plagued by racial conflict, poverty, abuse and more.

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