Best Hidden Camera USB Wall Charger – A Complete Review

Are you searching for security measures to keep an eye on your children? Do you simply want to monitor your office’s accounts section? Whatever the reason may be, a USB hidden camera wall charger should be your ultimate choice. You must be wondering why not resort to a security surveillance camera instead?

Well, a USB hidden camera draws less attention, while providing you to secretly spy on a motive, which the security surveillance cameras are incapable of. A USB spy hidden camera is less likely to be detected, while it also consists of a large storage for its recording.

What is a Spy USB Hidden Camera?

This modern technology is a compact design of a USB charger that comes with a built-in recording camera with maximum storage. Sometimes, you may need an SD card to increase your storage capacity. The hidden camera resides within the charging break of the USB charger. It appears as an LED light to make it go unnoticed.

It is user-friendly and you do not need to be tech-savvy to operate it. A few USB spy cameras may provide Wi-Fi transmission to record surveillance data on either your smartphone or your laptops.

The market is full of smart technologies that consist of products like USB by camera, however it is not easy to find the best hidden camera USB wall charger. You need to opt for a USB hidden camera wall charger that comes with all the appropriate features and is pocket friendly.

In order to make your life much more easier, today we have a buyer’s guide with a complete review for the best USB spy hidden cameras.

Let’s have a look!

Best Hidden Spy Camera USB Wall Charger

Spy Camera Charger | Hidden Camera | Premium Pack | Best USB Charger Spy Camera

The spy camera charger is a modern technology that comes with HD video recording at 1080p that can last for hours. Additionally, this unique device allows you to record videos in loops. In simple words, you can carry on with continuous recording without worrying over previous records that need to be deleted. The wall charger spy camera charger also provides a 32 GB gigabyte for your SD card support.

This USB secret camera allows you to record videos with a wide-angle range, approximately of about 90 degrees, and also consists of an LED space in its camera lens. This means that you can now cover each and every corner of the scenery in one frame. This USB spy camera comes with a motion detection feature embedded in its compact design, which makes it one of the most appealing features of all.

Additionally, this wall charger spy cam can be quite handy because of a super lightweight feature. This allows you to walk away without any doubt of someone suspecting it. To top it off, this USB spy camera comes with a warranty card to ensure its use of safety. Overall this spy USB camera provides you quite a feasible package for its price.

This wall charger hidden spy camera does not require you to connect to a Wi-Fi, but instead a USB port or a power bank can be used to start recording.

Promotes HD quality video recordingRequires an electric socket for plug-in
Has good value for moneyIt does not have a night vision feature
Allows long hours of recording_
It is super lightweight_
It comes with a 12-month warranty_

OLTEC Spy Camera Charger – Mini Spy Camera 1080p – USB Charger Camera

The OLTEC USB spy camera mini hidden wall charger comes with a unique night vision feature which makes it an exceptional device. This night vision feature allows the camera to record at any time of the day or during the night. This means that it will serve as small security surveillance rather than just spying for both, night and day hours.

This hidden charger comes with a wireless connection to make your communication easier. Consisting of a compact design but dimensions 2 x 1 x 1 inch, this wall charger hidden spy camera comes with a small-sized brick for USB charging. Given its small size, it often seems impossible to detect this spy USB camera.

It also consists of a motion detection feature, which is not only fool proof but quite sensitive too. You no longer have to free up any storage in case of a security breach. This means that no more deletion of previous recordings or continuous mode of recording. The best part is that it is quite user-friendly.

Not only does this by USB camera provide a high-quality image and video recording but it also captures all the moments in 1080p resolution. To add more, this spy camera charger can support a 32 GB TF card for storage.


Has a night vision feature

It is not battery operated
It has a wide camera angle rangeSD card is not included in the package
Provides support for 32 GB TF card_
Great value for its price_
It is lightweight, only 2.39 ounces_

Hidden Camera – HD 1080P – Premium Pack – Motion Detection – Best USB Hidden Camera

The premium pack spy hidden camera brings you multiple modes for shooting. Additionally, this is a multi-role device, as it not only has a hidden camera but also as a nanny camera. You can now use this spy USB camera to monitor your children’s safety. In fact, these videos can be watched without the facility of the Internet by easily recording on a micro SD card.

This wall charger spy cam comes with compact dimensions that is 4.1 x 4.1 x 1.4 inches, making it difficult to be easily detected. This wall charger spy camera comes with a USB type C, USB reader, and a charger and package. It is popular for recording high-resolution videos in 1080p mode.

It also has a remarkable playback feature.  This spy camera can also provide loop recordings. This means that it may provide a continuous recording session, without any deletion of data or previous recordings. In order to store your videos, you can use an SD card that is compatible with storage.

It provides high definition 1080p recordingsDoes not have a motion detection feature
Comes with a multi-role USB featureThe night vision feature is not included
Supports loop recordings_
Has multiple shooting modes_
It can be used as a nanny camera_

Buyer’s Guide For Best Spy USB Hidden Camera

Price of Device

Opt for a spy camera mobile charger that fits in your range. In order to do so, you can wear inside the Internet to find your desired product in your feasible range.

Contents of the Package

You need to focus on all the equipment that is provided with the box content packaging within your desired budget. Make sure that it consists of all additional features like an SD card for your convenience.

Night Vision Feature

The night vision feature will serve as security surveillance,  whether you purchase a Samsung spy charger or an Apple charger spy camera. This will allow recordings during both, day and night time.

Maximum Capacity

In order to record long time periods of videos on a daily basis, you need to have a spy camera with large storage. If it does not fit in your budget, then you can opt for a motion detection spy camera which only records when appropriate.

Durability of Device

In case, you are purchasing a hidden camera and iPhone charger or a hidden camera in an android charger, both categories require good durability. This is so as, these do not serve as a surveillance camera but instead a USB spy camera.

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery of a spy USB hidden camera last for?

AAA sized battery is usually used for a spare USB hidden camera, which can last for a minimum of 10 days in a maximum of 15 days.

Can a USB spy hidden camera function without a Wi-Fi connection?

The simple answer is yes. I didn’t buy Camera can’t function without the facility of a Wi-Fi, however, it may not be able to transmit data to another device for surveillance purposes.

Is it easy to detect a USB hidden spy camera?

Since these devices are not invincible, they can be detected if a person is familiar with them. However, it often goes unnoticed without any doubts.


Since security should be your topmost priority, especially if it is related to loved ones or family, then you need to pay special attention while buying advice. Make sure that it fits your requirements as well as your pocket. Hopefully, this spare USB camera view will help you in making a smarter choice. Now go ahead and get those cameras running!

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