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How Social Media Makes Us Unsocial


Picture this: you’re at a family gathering; full of drama and gossips. Everyone is just enjoying the moment as it happens with the closest people in their life. Fast forward a few years, that’s gone.

You see friends & cousins reacting to your social media posts about the gathering. They were not there, or even if they were, you’d see them in the corner, grinning at their phones. Believe it or not, that’s the impact social media has had on us. Take my example for that matter.

As I’m on my desk, my family’s having fun downstairs, and I’m penning this article; continually switching from one social media app to another. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook… you get it. I can name a thousand such websites which are distancing me from my social life as we speak.

Here’s the irony:

They’re “social media applications” – designed to promote social interaction. But why does their sense of social make different sense than what it actually means? Social media websites offered people convenience. Who’d give away the chance to talk to their lovely friends who don’t reside in the same city as you? Or, perhaps they live in a different continent?

Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s take it up a notch, and discuss the actual impacts of social media on our lives, next.

Impacts of Social Media On Our Lives

Time to shed some light on how these fantastic social media applications managed to crawl into our hands and made themselves comfortable up there. Tell me something: you’re a reasonably normal person; what do you do when you first open your eyes in the morning?

You take your phone from the side drawer you left it on last night when you were brutally scrolling your Facebook feeds. Checking your notifications, hoping someone remotely ‘your friend’ has left you a message. Well, that’s the start of your day. Feel anything wrong?

Unless you’re a famous, trendy figure on one of these social media apps, you might get what I actually mean here. You’re always running after something so virtual; it’s never going to make sense. We’re distancing ourselves from our friends, families, and all modes of social interaction.

Not to mention; the depression these applications bring with them. But, that’s a different story… Let’s take a look at the actual pros and cons of using social media!

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