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..Technology is nothing less than a miracle..

This is an era of innovation. Today we are enjoying the miracles of technology — talking, sending messages, sharing pictures and videos to people anytime, anywhere in the world. Also, now we can combine groups of people living in different continents of the world to communicate together in a single group, conduct bank transactions, establish an online business, and transmit information in less than a second. We can do all this and much more without making much of an effort, and just by using our fingertips, it’s nothing less than a dream. Isn’t it? It surely is. The benefits of technology that we are enjoying today are surely a marvel, to say the least.

The “Call” Feature:

The marvels of the technology keeps on adding. One such miracle is the option of attending and making calls on Android Phones from your PC. Previously, such a feature was not available to Android users. However, Microsoft is introducing this feature in the latest Windows 10 versions. Currently, it is being tested. Windows 10 Insider Preview has shown an innovative feature called “Calls.” The user just needs to switch on the speakers, mic, and screen for an exciting experience.

Previously only pictures, texts, and videos could be accessed through the PC. But now Microsoft is introducing the calling feature. It is basically an update to the “Your Phone” app with call catering capability. It’s the latest feature introduced in the Windows Version 18999.


  • To use this feature, it is a requirement that Android phones should be at least version 7 of the Operating System. Version 7 to 10 can be used for this feature, as OS 10 is the latest. This facility is not available on older versions.
  • Bluetooth radio in Windows 10 PC.
  • Minimum windows 10 build 18362.356

Brands providing the call feature:

  • Microsoft: It is the latest brand that’s providing with the “Calls” feature.
  • Google: It allows the usage of its messenger on Macs and Personal Computers.
  • Samsung: It allows the copying of content between different devices, operating systems, and software.

iPhones will not be supporting this feature because of the locked-down nature of the iOS.

Microsoft Details:

They first introduced the “Calls Feature” in the Unbox event of Samsung with live demonstrating in August 2019. Then we saw the feature in the Windows Insider Community. Windows Insider allows users to register for the builds (Before release) of the operating system and test them for bugs.

Microsoft Windows Insider Program


   The method to connect Android Phone and PC is given below:

  • In windows 10 preview, your phone app has to be opened. Or download the app if it’s not available currently. Select “Android” over the right and then “Continue.”
Windows 10 allows you to attend calls.
  • Type the mobile number you are using and click “Send.”        
  • Microsoft will send a link that will enable the users to connect the Android phone with the Personal Computer.
  • The “Your Phone Companion” app helps in the connection.
  • Now in the text message received from Microsoft, tap the link which connects the user to the app page in Google Play.
Download the app
  • Once the installation is complete, open the phone companion app.
  • Create an account in the “Your phone companion app” by providing the desired details.
  • After signing in, allow the app to access your data from the phone.
Allowing the app to access data on your phone.
  • If the app is required to be running in the background, just tap “Continue.
  • Select “Allow,” letting the devices connect, “Continue,” and eventually tap “Done.”
Accepting the connection
  • In the phone call settings in Windows 10, permission is required to make calls.
Attending phone call on your PC
  • The system is now ready for call management and usage.


The beneficial features of the app are given below:

  • Incoming Phone calls can be catered (Answered or declined) from the PC instead of the phone.
  • New calls can be started from PC.
  • The Calls denied can be done with a customized text message .they can be sent in voicemail of the device as well.
  • Intra device sharing of calls.
  • The history of Calls can be checked.


The only drawback here is the requirement of pairing the phone and PC every time you want to use this feature. This means you need to pair them all over again the next time you want to use this feature. This is quite inconvenient for the users to pair the devices again and again.

However, we can expect a fix in the next update. The new version will fix the loopholes in the current version and bring new features as well.

Bug Expectancy:

This feature is currently available to Windows Insiders only, so there is the expectancy of bugs in this.

Availability for Common Users:

For everyday Windows 10 users, this feature is not yet available. They can expect it in early 2020. If you cannot wait, register as a Windows Insider user.


This newly introduced feature of managing phone calls through the PC is a wonderful up-gradation in Android technology. Such betterment is surely making technology more beneficial and convenient.

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