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Trendy Walima Dress for Groom in Pakistan for 2023-2024 

Walima Dress for Groom

From the beginning of the marriage ceremony, the striking hammer on the heads of the groom and bride is their outfits, either for barat or walima. Walima dress for groom should be customized or designed in such a way that he also stands out from his bride. In Pakistan, the attires worn on the occasion of Walima by the groom are so exceptional on their own that one can just possibly think of them and then he is assured that it will be the best match with the bride’s outfit. 

The main thing is a groom should be able to pull off the best outfit on his walima which goes well along with the extraordinarily heavy dress of the bride. So, in this article, we’ll tell you the best possible ideas regarding walima dresses for grooms in Pakistan. So keep reading till the end.

Looking for Walima Dress for Groom

Latest Designs of Walima Dresses for Groom:

Walima dresses for grooms in Pakistan are so diverse that a man can easily go with any option according to his comfort. 

Mostly, a three-piece suit is worn on the walima by grooms in Pakistan. It has its formal roots which makes it simple yet trendy. On the other hand, you can also go for ethnic wear for walima, like Sherwani or Shalwar Kameez. Indeed, Sherwani is an attire for Nikkah/baraat but you are not restricted, you can wear it if you want to try new and traditional stuff at your wedding. Some best options for walima dress for groom in Pakistan for 2023 are:

1. 3-Piece Suit /Tuxedo

A shirt, a pant, a tie, or a bow tie with a coat on it constitutes a complete classy 3 piece suit. Some might include a waistcoat inside also, which ultimately makes it a tuxedo. 

A 3-piece suit is the most worn outfit at the walima ceremony in Pakistan. It reflects the formal yet trendy look in every era in spite of being an attire that has been worn since the 18th century. Every society and culture has its own way of dressing. A three-piece suit or tuxedo is the only outfit that is similar for every nation all around.

 3-Piece Suit /Tuxedo: Walima dress for groom

2. Ethnic Walima Dresses for Grooms

Ethnicity comes with race and culture, and Pakistan and India both have similar roots just in a few things like traditional dressing.

In both countries and also in many parts of South Asia, Sherwani is worn on Nikkah/baraat but, remember again you are not bound to just follow these rules. Many grooms wear exquisite traditional walima outfits like sherwani or shalwar kameez. This sherwani is a highly anticipated outfit for one’s marriage, it could either be of raw silk, chikankari, or cotton silk depending upon what you like to wear.

Secondly, there are many ways to carry sherwani. You can just wear it simple, plain black for Walima or you can go all out and put all the jewels to give it a prestigious and royal look.

Ethnic Walima Dress for Groom

3. Classy Shalwar Kameez Looks for Grooms for Their Walima

The shalwar kameez is one of the best and safest attires to be worn by Pakistanis. If you are indecisive about what you should wear for Walima, and you can not choose one outfit, the best suggestion for you is to grab a good shalwar kameez and a contrasting shawl or a waistcoat to go with it. 

And according to the best analysis of outfits by experts, a shalwar kameez, shawl, and a pair of peshawri chappal is the best classy look to follow which is affordable and indeed one of the best walima dress for groom. 

Classy Shalwar Kameez Looks for Grooms for Their Walima

Best Designers to Choose From for Walima Designs for Groom in Pakistan

Pakistan is famous for its high-class fashion design, especially in the field of wedding clothes. One of the most regal-looking designs in the world for grooms is from Pakistani designers including Asim Jofa, Nomi Ansari, Ali Xeeshan, HSY, and many others.

Walima Dress for Groom through Online Sources

Technology has made it very easy to get everything on our doorsteps. Even online shopping for walima dress for groom can also be done easily just by entering your requirements and your range.

The most renowned pages that offer a great variety of walima dresses for grooms in Pakistan are the Amir Adnan store and Uniworth shop. There are many other sources and pages also offering you a rental package for a walima dress for groom.

Bride and groom

Are All Designer Pieces Pricey?

A person always wants to look the best on his walima, and the thing that tickles the mind while going through designer stores is that, will everything be out of my range? So, the answer to your question is NO. Luckily there are many designers who offer groom dresses for reception starting from 10,000 but some also have prices below this, and then exceed to than 500,000(5 lac).

If talking about online sources, they are undoubtedly more convenient and affordable than offline sources. They offer dresses ranging from 8000 and if someone really wants a royal look then there are options of worth-buying products which have a price range starting from 104,995 to 209,995.


To look exceptional at their wedding is everyone’s dream. Walima is not just an event, it is a memory that one creates and everyone wants it to be their best memory. In the above article, we discussed all the best possible and useful ideas for walima dresses for grooms, especially for those who live in Pakistan. 

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