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Top 10 Best Tips to Make Proper Use of Time and Overcome Laziness 

Make proper use of time

“Time is money,” said Benjamin Franklin. We all once in our lives or maybe more than once go through the phase when life feels like a disaster. We want to use our time properly but just because our mind and body don’t coordinate with each other due to laziness we fall behind. But don’t worry, because soon you’ll be able to manage your time like never before. So keep reading till the end as I’m about to tell you 10 really advantageous tips for proper use of time and to overcome laziness.

Tips to Make Proper Use of Time

10 Best Tips to Make Proper Use of Time

1. Do the Analysis of Your Timetable

The most mandatory step for the best time management is to figure out how you are using your time right now. This self-awareness will make you realize what things you are actually wasting your time on and the things you should actually be working on, and most importantly this analysis will guide you about your priorities.

2. Make a Proper Schedule

Once you are aware of the fact that when you have to be busy and what time will be your leisure time. This will be the striking point for you to make a schedule of your daily tasks. Scheduling is one of the most fundamental tools to manage time and overcome laziness.

Like suppose you want tomorrow to wake up at 6 am, then you want to work out, take a shower, and do some self-care. Then you want to eat something healthy and get going with your day efficiently. This is only possible if you really know that you actually want to do all these tasks and at what time you want to do them. If you constantly keep delaying your tasks, it means you have no schedule or timetable to guide you on how you can make proper use of time and overcome laziness.

Make a Proper Schedule

3. Know Your Priorities to Make Proper Use of Time

In the hustle and bustle of the day, we sometimes forget about the most important things we want to do. For that purpose, we first need to know our priorities as to where we should be for most of our time, and on what things we are supposed to spend most of the time. By doing this question-and-answer session by your own self you would know how to overcome laziness and be more productive.

4. Get Done with the Difficult Tasks First

Once you are done with the scheduling and prioritizing stuff, you will eventually get to know what things are tough for you to tackle and time-consuming and what tasks are going to be the easy ones. You should always tackle your difficult tasks first because you don’t know how much time you have to spend on them. Secondly, when it comes to easy tasks, there are many tasks that are similar so you can just do them quickly without spending much of your time on them. 

Get Done with the Difficult Tasks First

5. Avoid Multitasking to Make Proper Use of Time

Everyone has this urge to do everything at the same time so that they can enjoy their free time but in reality, when they try to do this, they end up doing nothing and wasting most of their time. 

Remember, multitasking is not an easy quality to adapt to. There are many students out there who are apprehensive every time about how they can manage time as a student, and they give themselves this answer let’s do multi-tasking. However, in reality, you can not achieve this multitasking ability easily, so just do your every task one by one in a defined order, and don’t hustle and destroy all your efforts. 

6. Don’t Hesitate to Say “NO”

Sometimes, we have really important things scheduled but some people expect us to do their stuff so that they can enjoy their free time. At such moments, many of us go through a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts, that should I say,” yes” or should I say, “no.” But because sometimes our kind and polite nature overcome everything and we just say YES

At such a point, when someone in a manipulative manner expects you to do their stuff while relaxing and sitting back behind, just say NO. And never hesitate to say no, sometimes you need to be selfish also, so that things in your life turn out great.

7. Set Time Limits for Each Task

Scheduling and setting time limits for each task are very similar things. The difference is that when you schedule you just imagine that this should be the time span for this task. But by setting time limits, you reduce your time and try to do stuff in as much less time as possible.

8. Have a To-Do List or Do Journaling to Make Proper Use of Time

Writing everything at the start of the day and at the end of the day is like a stress reliever for those who just keep hunting for time management tools all the time. Journaling our daily tasks is psychologically proven to be really useful for managing time and making the most out of every second. 

Have a To-Do List or Do Journaling.

9. Take Breaks in Intervals

To be a high-yielding person, you don’t need to work 24/7. Obviously, to do a good amount of work in less time your mind should work efficiently. And for this purpose, you need to give yourself a break, either for hours or maybe some time for a good one week. Breaks can be in any form. In the form of a nap or a vacation, you just need to give yourself time to give your mind a break from complicated and overly embellished things you were busy with for days.

10. Don’t Focus on Distractions to Manage Time Efficiently

Distractions are like a rock on your way to success, and you have to get rid of these hurdles/distractions at any cost. Laziness, procrastination, and even some people around us are the major distractions that never let us be productive. You just have to use your mind wisely, because time waits for no one. Time never goes like, ” Brother! Relax right now I will come again to give you this opportunity.” Time is not your servant which will wait for your orders.

Don't Focus on Distractions to Manage Time Efficiently


In this busy era, we are continuously finding ways to know how to manage our time properly, so that we can be more fecund and dynamic in our life. Therefore, this article has all the tips to make proper use of time, which will help you to manage your time properly and also in overcoming laziness. Remember, it’s always up to you how you can manage your time better. So why not start today? Good luck!

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