The Top Technological Innovations in 2019

The article discusses the top tech innovations in 2019.

We have come a long way in terms of technological innovations. From simple dial & receive mobile phones to smartphones with endless possibilities. All happened in a short duration. In terms of connectivity, we don’t need complex wired connections anymore. Bluetooth and WiFi have given rise to a wireless connectivity. The pace of advancements seems to increase with every coming year.

This article discusses the top innovations of 2019, which are listed below:

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Smartphones with Foldable LEDs:

The urge to make mobile devices compact, comfortable, and innovative has lead to foldable LEDs for smartphones. This concept was thought to be impossible a short while ago. But 2019 saw the introduction of foldable viewing surfaces on smartphones. Various smartphone manufacturers have already introduced their smartphones with foldable touch-enabled LEDs.

Xiaomi has introduced MIX FLEX. Samsung Galaxy Fold is already available for sale. Huawei’s Mate X is also making the headlines. Likewise, Motorola’s Moto Razor has also joined the club.

The Next Generation of Internet Connectivity:

The world has already seen the arrival of the 3rd and 4th Generation of Connectivity. While some parts of the world are still waiting for 4G connectivity, 5G connectivity has already made to this world. In China, cellular network providers launched 5G to their users in various parts of the country. 5G network opens a new horizon of fast-paced connectivity, double the speed provided by 4G. The globally renowned tech giant Huawei led the foundation of 5G and offered it to the world for practical use in the year 2019.

Smooth Speaking AI Assistants:

AI assistants existed in the world long before 2019. But they sounded like robots. In addition to this, they were capable of obeying simple commands. It is not the case now. With advancements in the AI field, developers are trying to enhance AI assistants. Many of them now interact in more human-like manner and can handle more complex tasks.

The Rise of AR and VR:

The advancement in technology has introduced us with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Now professionals are working to implement mixed reality that would be a combination of AR and VR. 2019 is significant in this landmark. Soon, we will witness the wonders of mixed reality. It would be useful in enhancing operational efficiency & individual productivity.

Server-less Computing:

Server-less Computing is one of the most prominent technological innovations of 2019. It allows businesses to develop and run applications through cloud storage instead of the underlying server’s architecture. This enables them to bypass the traditional requirements of deploying apps on servers.

Developers don’t need to worry about management or maintenance of servers while deploying the code of applications. The provider will charge according to the use. Therefore, businesses no longer need to invest in establishing the infrastructure for servers. This allows them to focus on productivity, and worry less about servers. Hence, it opens a new horizon for development agencies and developers.

DNA Memory:

DNA or Deoxy Ribonucleic Acid is capable of storing data in high amounts. On the other hand, our traditional data storage means wastes a lot of energy. Also, it cannot handle the ever-increasing amount of data with every single coming day.

This problem urged scientists to come up with a more innovative solution. This solution could be termed as ‘DNA data storage’. In addition, it would be capable of handling humongous amounts of data without any problem. Also, it won’t take too much energy for operations and maintenance.

According to an estimate, a DNA cube of size one square meter is enough to store the data of one year from the whole world. It really reflects the efficiency of DNA data storage.

The Wrap Up:

The article touched upon various significant technological innovations in 2019:

  • 5th Generation of Network;
  • Foldable LEDs;
  • Server-less Computing;
  • AR/VR and mixed reality; and
  • DNA Data Storage.

In conclusion, we hope this article would be useful for you in getting an idea about the significant technological innovations in 2019.


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